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Welcome to the world of process improvement in Pittsburgh! We are always looking for new ways to make our city better, more efficient, and more responsive to the needs of our community. As we move towards an operations excellence team, our mission remains the same - to create a city where everybody feels safe, is welcome, and can thrive.

What is Operations Excellence?

Operations Excellence is the art of taking complex city processes and transforming them into efficient, effective systems that provide the best possible services to our community. It involves analyzing, refining, and innovating our processes to save time, reduce costs, and improve the quality of life for our residents.

Why is Operations Excellence important for Pittsburgh?

One of the safest cities in the United States, Pittsburgh is facing many challenges. We need to be able to respond quickly to changing needs and technologies, while also maintaining the high standards of service that our residents expect. By embracing Operations Excellence, we can create a more responsive, sustainable, and equitable city where all our residents can thrive.

What are some examples of Operations Excellence in action?

We are proud to say that Operations Excellence is already making a difference in Pittsburgh. Here are just a few examples:

  • Our Department of Public Safety has implemented a new system for managing emergency responses, enabling faster and more coordinated responses to emergencies.
  • Our Department of Public Works has upheld the highest standards for employee safety through the country while also streamlining its road maintenance program, enabling more efficient allocation of resources and faster response times.
  • Our Department of Parks and Recreation has implemented a new system for managing park facilities, making it easier for residents to access and enjoy our parks.
  • Our Departments of Permits, Licenses, and Inspections has streamlined its permitting process, making it easier and faster for businesses and residents to obtain the necessary permits for construction and development.
  • Our Department of City Planning has implemented a new system for managing land use and zoning, making it easier for residents to understand the city's development plans and get involved in the planning process.
  • Our Department of Mobility and Infrastructure has implemented a new system for managing transportation and infrastructure projects, making it easier to prioritize and allocate resources based on community needs.
  • Our Human Resources department has streamlined the hiring process and both internal and external customer service making it more efficient and effective at attracting and retaining top talent for our city.
  • Our Innovation and Performance department has been working with various departments to identify opportunities for process improvements, including the implementation of new technologies and the adoption of best practices from other cities. Through these efforts, we have been able to reduce the time and cost of various processes while also improving the quality of services provided to our residents.

How can you get involved in Operations Excellence?

We need your help to make our city better! Whether you are a resident, business owner, or city employee, there are many ways you can get involved in our operations excellence initiatives. You can provide feedback on our current processes by emailing us on, attend community meetings, and get involved in local organizations that are working to improve our city. You can also join our recognition program, where we showcase the amazing work our employees are doing to create a better city.

Join us on this exciting journey towards a more efficient, effective, and vibrant Pittsburgh. Together, we can create a city where everybody feels safe, is welcome, and can thrive!

How Has Gold Belt Training Program Impacted You?

"This was something that I could implement in my current role, but regardless of where my career took me I could take those skills and mindsets with.”

- Trever S., I&P 

"Since I started so new, it helped me get in good habits from the get-go."

- Laura B., HRCS 

“To do things one way just because that’s the way that they were done is not the GB way.”

- Stacy H., I&P 

"The Gold Belt provided a sense of empowerment."

- Mimi W., I&P 

“It’s making my job a lot easier by reducing the amount of time spent identifying the issue and working through it.”

- Mitchell W., I&P 

"We can all make change no matter how small."

- Anonymous 

"Breaking down the current state of a process is critical to understanding and making improvements."

- Anonymous 

"Innovation does not have to be large to be effective or game changing."

- Anonymous 

"We can be really crafty with what we have already at our fingertips."

- Anonymous 

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