Gold Belt Training Program = Improving the Way We Deliver Services

Gold Belt Training

The Gold Belt Training Program is a scientific problem-solving approach that helps city employees achieve their maximum potential with limited resources while saving every taxpayer dollar they can in the process.

Gold Belt's concise curriculum is designed to equip the city employees with scientific problem solving and process improvement tools adopted from the world’s leading industries (Toyota Production Systems, Amazon, GE, etc. ) carefully morphed to be applicable to practicalities of City Govt.

Gold Belt graduates are essential in developing the capability to improve processes and expand capacity to innovate toward improved delivery of services to customers and citizens. Certified members are taught to empower staff, reduce wait times, improve throughput, and organize workspaces. They attend training during which staff members learn how to use tools to identify and eliminate waste in their department's processes. After the workshop, each participant is encouraged to complete a " Just Do it Innovation" and apply what they have learned to improve their work area.


How Has Gold Belt Training Program Impacted You?

The City of Pittsburgh has thousands of committed public servants who deliver critical services every day. The Gold Belt program empowers our employees with tools to find more efficient ways of delivering those services.”

-Santiago Garces, Director, Innovation & Performance 

Value of Proposed Gold Belt Improvements

Proposed improvements – which include such ideas as better disposal methods of equipment, building information portals, and implementing filing system upgrades – have an estimated annual savings of $230k (value of time saved and cost savings).

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