Tech Refresh - Better Tech for Staff Success

money saved with tech refresh

As technical stewards, we recognize that outdated technologies can inhibit employee productivity and business operations. After an internal audit revealed that many City departments were using outdated technology, the Tech Refresh program was created.

The goal of the Tech Refresh program is to make sure every staff member has the correct IT devices to successfully perform their required job duties. This program carefully matches the roles of staff members to the technology they receive. With updated devices such as laptops and tablets, City staff now can be mobile instead of restricted to one location.

The regular replacement and maintenance schedule established by this program will also save the City valuable resources as it is far more costly (in terms of time and money) to maintain outdated devices and legacy hardware.

This citywide program will deploy new computing devices to almost 2,000 employees.


Value Created by the Tech Refresh Program

  •  Reduced Stress
  •  Increased Convenience
  •  Reduced Cost
  •  Saved Time


How Has the Tech Refresh Program Impacted You?

It was wonderful to receive our new computer equipment today, thank you so much! I also want to tell you what a great job the I&P guys did. The work was completed in amazing time, and the guys could not have been kinder and so helpful with the questions that we had.”

- Julie Heath, Center Director at the West End Healthy Active Living Center

They are so much faster! Getting started in the morning is much easier now.”

- Keith McBroom, Hazelwood HAL Center Recreation Leader

We now have the ability to mobilize program activities with additional resources and more technology to interact with youth across our City!”

- Max Dennison, Digital Inclusion Coordinator


Fun Fact:

The Tech Refresh Project brought the ability to deploy new laptops to Citiparks Rec2Tech initiatives that provide digital technology opportunities for Pittsburgh’s youth. The goal is to ensure that all residents are equipped with the tools necessary to be successful in the jobs of the future.