I&P's missions is: The Customer is the Mission

We are committed to:

  • collaborating with all City departments to help make City services convenient and accessible for residents
  • maintaining & securing our technology infrastructure
  • advancing innovative technology solutions
  • providing project management, data analysis, and process improvement training
  • handling thousands* of 311 calls


Areas of Service:

IT Operations
Supports core IT infrastructure, including systems administration, network engineering, and telecommunications configuration. Provides IT help services to fulfill requests and resolve IT-related incidents.

IT Technology
Supports software applications and hardware devices used by departments and employees, including enterprise applications, data engineering, computing, mobile devices, as well as Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Security and Risk
Responsible for cybersecurity risk assessments and the application of best practices to mitigate and remediate identified threats.

Project Management Office
Establishes IT Project Management standards, supports departmental personnel to learn best practices in project management, and oversees the portfolio of IT projects planned and underway across multiple departments.

Responsible for the budget, finances, and human resources of the department.

Provide information about City government to residents, business owners, and other stakeholders through multiple communication channels, including websites, social media, and the City Cable Channel. Additionally, the 311 Response Line handles inbound non-emergency questions and service requests from citizens and works with City departments to resolve citizen concerns.

Supports City staff through performance improvement expertise, data analytics, and business relationship management services to advance and facilitate client departments' innovation efforts for improved services to Pittsburgh residents. The team also promotes civic innovation by working with partner organizations such as the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh and the Allegheny County Airport to convene City staff and external stakeholders to promote and foster inclusive technology innovation in the Pittsburgh region through programs such as PGH Lab.


Our guiding principles are:


Focus on value.

Start where you are.

Progress iteratively with feedback.

Collaborate and promote visibility.

Think and work holistically.

Keep it simple and practical.

Optimize and automate


2021 Goals:


Grow the Open Data and Analytics Program

Strategies to Achieve Goal:

  • Establish a data governance program and data education for staff at all levels of the organization.
  • Continue to work with the Western Pennsylvania Regional Data Center to make open data more useful to residents and incorporate data literacy tools into the Parks Department’s Rec2Tech program.
Implement a Mobile Technology Refresh Program

Strategies to Achieve Goal:

  • I&P will set mobile device refresh standards and work with partners to deliver on a set schedule.
Invest in the City's Technical Infrastructure

Strategies to Achieve Goal:

  • Implement a multi-year project to upgrade the IT wiring and WiFi in every City facility.
  • Change I&P's approach to hosting servers and data storage to create reliable access and the capacity to handle the current and future needs of the departments.
  • Improve monitoring of the network and IT infrastructure to detect issues quickly and protect the integrity of information assets.
Invest in the I&P Team

Strategies to Achieve Goal

  • Continue to focus on staff development in their technical fields, ensuring they hold current certifications as appropriate.
  • Begin offering training in IT Project Management and in Data Analytics to develop the capabilities of staff across departments in these key competencies.
Invest in the City's Technical Infrastructure

Strategies to Achieve Goal:

  • Continue the multi-year work of updating the City's facilities with modern cabling and Wi-Fi so that staff in those facilities have reliable, fast connections to the network.
  • Implement the plan to hybridize the City’s servers between data centers and the cloud.
Apply the Software Applications Roadmap & Strategy

Strategies to Achieve Goal:

  • Continue to modernize core enterprise systems.
  • Support client departments to update their legacy systems.
Follow Best Practices in IT Service Management

Strategies to Achieve Goal

  • Keep the Service Catalog updated.
  • Apply best practices in IT Service Management to meet the needs of our colleagues in municipal government.
Invest in Cybersecurity

Strategies to Achieve Goal

  • Enhance the Cybersecurity programs by continuing to deploy best-practice standards for cybersecurity risk assessment and mitigation strategies.