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Application Process

Application Instructions:

Application Period | Examination | Eligibility:


Veterans’ Preference:

Ten (10) Veterans' Preference points will be awarded to eligible candidates who achieve a FINAL passing score. You must attach to this application or email to your, or your spouse's (if deceased or disabled), ORIGINAL or COPY of original discharge and separation papers (DD-214 Member-4). If you do not possess the Member-4 copy, you may submit the Member-1 copy along with a copy of your Honorable Discharge Certificate. The initial term of active obligated service enlistment must have been completed at the time of the test to include Reservists/National Guard members, or the member must have received a final discharge from active duty, Form DD-214. The Character of Service must be "positive." DD-214 Member-4 must be received before the physical ability examination.

If you are unable to locate your discharge and separation papers (Form DD-214 Member-4), you must complete a "Request Pertaining to Military Records" Form (SF-180) and send it to the appropriate agency. When received, email a copy of your DD-214 (Member 4) to Military or National Guard reservists are eligible for veterans' preference if they have completed their initial reserve obligation. Reservists must provide a statement of service letter from their current Reserve or National Guard commanding officer at the rank of colonel (Army, Air Force, Marine), captain (Navy or Coast Guard) or higher. The letter can be taken or mailed to the Human Resources Department Application Counter located on the fourth floor of the City County Building, 414 Grant Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15219. The letter must include:

  • Full name.
  • A statement that characterizes your current service (i.e., honorable or under honorable conditions).
  • Date military or National Guard reserve service began.
  • Completion date of initial military reserve obligation.
  • Statement if deployed in combat.

NOTE: Any applicant who is serving and was deployed, or was recalled to Federal active duty (regardless of active duty length or place of service, even if they are still within their initial term of Reserve or National Guard enlistment) who provides a DD-214 showing the active duty and a positive Character of Service, is to be awarded Veterans' Preference Points. This does not include the DD-214 that is issued to a Reservist or Guardsman at the end of boot camp.

Pittsburgh Public School Career and Technical Education (Emergency Response Technology Program (PPS-CTE/ERT) Graduate Preference: Five (5) points will be awarded to eligible candidates who achieve a FINAL passing score. You must provide a copy of your PPS-CTE/ERT Diploma by attaching proof to your application or submit it at the physical exam.

City of Pittsburgh Residency Preference: Three (3) points will be awarded to eligible candidates who achieve a FINAL passing score. You must provide proof of City residency at least 1 year preceding application by attaching to your application or submit it at the physical exam.

NOTE: Applicants will be awarded preference points, if eligible, for their highest qualifying category. Points will not be awarded for more than one category.

Candidate Background Processing Form

Office of Municipal Investigations:
The City of Pittsburgh, as a matter of policy, conducts a pre-employment and promotional background investigation on all applicants being considered for positions. Applicants may be disqualified from consideration based on the results of their background investigation (as it relates to the job the applicant is being considered for).

Drug Screen:
The drug screening test will include, but is not limited to, a hair sample analysis. It is therefore important that you have at least a half inch of hair (in length) on your head that the clinicians can cut for this sample. If your head hair is too short, body hair can be used as a substitute.

All firefighter recruit applicants with the City of Pittsburgh, Bureau of Fire are subject to a thorough background investigation to verify the accuracy of statements provided within the applicant materials and to confirm qualification for employment. The background information is reviewed by the Chief and his/her command staff for selection purposes.

Keep the following information in mind:

Chief’s Selection:
The Fire Chief reviews all background files and may decertify a candidate based upon the information contained in the file.

Public Hearing Process:
Any applicant who is passed over for just cause and disqualified from becoming a Firefighter Recruit for the City of Pittsburgh can request an appeal hearing within ten days of the date of the disqualification notice. The request must be made in writing to the Secretary & chief Examiner for the City of Pittsburgh. Once the request is received the Appellant will be assigned a hearing date. The Appellant may hire an attorney, or represent themselves. After hearing testimony, and reviewing the evidence presented the Civil Service Commission will make a determination to deny, or grant, the appeal request. Please email all requests to:

Academy Class:
Candidates will be given a conditional offer of employment. If the candidate accepts, you will then be scheduled to take a medical (stress test) examination. Once the candidate passes the medical examination the candidate will be given a final offer of employment and a start date for the Fire Academy.