Applying Process

The City of Pittsburgh is now accepting applications for the Police Officer position on a continuous basis. The position is currently posted on the employment website

Step By Step

Application | Examination | Eligibility:

Following the application process, those who are placed on the Eligibility List can expect the following step by step process when their rank is reached on the eligibility list to be considered for a police academy class:

Class Processing from the Eligibility List:

Application Instructions


You must submit or show proof of all of the following at the time of filing your application (unless otherwise indicated below) or your application may be disqualified.

Decertifying Criteria

Decertification Criteria for Police Officer Recruit:

All police officer applicants with the City of Pittsburgh, Bureau of Police are subject to a thorough background investigation to verify the accuracy of statements provided within the applicant materials and to confirm qualification for employment. The background information is reviewed by the Chief and his/her command staff for selection purposes.

The following are some, but not all, of the background issues that may result in you not being selected/“decertified”: