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The Request-for-Proposal (RFP) process allows the URA to engage with the market and communicate requirements and goals for redevelopment projects.

Following a robust public outreach process the URA will release the RFP. Proposals will be received 8-10 weeks following the release of the RFP.

A review committee comprised of community members, government officials, representatives from the City of Pittsburgh and representatives from the URA will be convened to review development proposals. The review committee will make a recommendation for consideration by the URA Board of Directors.

Once a proposal has been selected the Developer will begin the URA’s Disposition Process.

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The URA’s disposition process guides the redevelopment of URA owned land. Prior to Closing, the developer demonstrates its ability to meet certain financing, planning, sustainability, and equitable development criteria. Throughout the construction period, the developer is required to provide related updates. Following completion of construction, the URA inspects the development project and upon satisfactory inspection, the URA issues a Certificate of Completion.

The URA disposition process requires four board authorizations. URA board meetings are public and held the second Thursday of every month.

List of URA Board Authorizations:

1st Board Authorization Authorization for Exclusive Negotiation
2nd Board Authorization Acceptance of Developer Proposal
Board Authorization Acceptance of Final Drawings, Evidence of Finance, and Execution of Deed
4th Board Authorization Certificate of Completion