What is the City of Pittsburgh ADA Coordinator’s role? 

The City of Pittsburgh ADA Coordinator ensures that all citizens have the opportunity to participate meaningfully in the programs and services offered by the City of Pittsburgh. This role uniquely bridges policy, infrastructure, and strategic planning to prevent discrimination against individuals with disabilities. She collaborates with other public, private, nonprofit, and community organizations to help Pittsburgh become more inclusive to residents and visitors across ability.  


I have an accessibility concern with the City of Pittsburgh. 

Contact the City ADA Coordinator, TBA, at:

  • Email: TBA 
  • Office Phone: 412-255-2102 int.457 
  • Alternate Phone: 412-301-7041 


I have an accessibility concern and live in Allegheny County, but not the City of Pittsburgh. 

Contact the County ADA Coordinator, Caylin Snyder, at:


I have a discrimination concern that occurred in Pittsburgh but is unrelated to the City of Pittsburgh. 

Contact the Pittsburgh Commission on Human Relations, which investigates instances of discrimination and seeks resolutions for anyone who has experienced harm because of discrimination. 


I would like to apply for an accessible residential parking space. 

Please Dial 3-1-1 or 412-255-2621. The operator will ask a few questions to determine eligibility to apply for an accessible residential parking space.  


I would like to have an accessible parking sign removed.