City-County Task Force on Disabilities


The City-County Task Force on Disabilities is a 13-member panel of advocates, service providers, and consumers appointed by the Mayor and County Executive who advise the City and County on issues that affect people with disabilities in the region. The Task Force meets on the third Monday of every month. 


Governing Documents

Intergovernmental Cooperation Agreement – Joint Task Force on Disabilities


Appointment Guidelines

  • 13 Members
    • Six appointed by County Executive
    • Six appointed by Mayor of Pittsburgh
    • One elected by the other 12 appointees



City Appointees: 

  • Leah Northrop, Member at Large
  • Janet Evans
  • Paul O’Hanlon
  • Mark Schmeler
  • Michelle Walker
  • Joe Wassermann

County Appointees: 

  • James “Chris” Noschese, Chair
  • Georgia Petropoulos, Cochair 
  • John Tague, Treasurer
  • Cori Frazer
  • Sarah Goldstein
  • Karen Warman

13th Member

  • Paul “Rich” McGann



  • Representation must be considerate of a county geographic and ethnic balance
  • Majority of members must have a disability



None, except reimbursement of costs associated with participation in meetings.



The Task Force meets on the third Monday of every month, except holidays.

The City-County Task Force on Disabilities is moving virtual! To keep our communities healthy and safe while continuing to meet, the Task Force will now meet via virtual meeting on Zoom.

To join the virtual meeting, click on this link:

  • You will be added as an attendee. This will allow you to watch the meeting, but will not allow you to speak until called upon. 
  • If you would like to speak on a topic, please use the “raise hand” function to signify to the host that you would like to speak. You will be called on and given the opportunity to present at that time.

To register for the upcoming Task Force meeting please register at

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Meeting Archive - All past meetings can be viewed at the City's Legistar site.

Contact Information

Staff contact for City-County Task Force on Disabilities: