Wendell D. Hissrich

Wendell D. Hissrich
Wendell D. Hissrich

Public Safety

Wendell Hissrich is the Director of The Public Safety Department. The department is comprised of the department administration team, Pittsburgh Bureau of Police, Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire, Pittsburgh Bureau of Emergency Medical Service (EMS), Animal Control, Office of Special Events, and the Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security. Hissrich began his career in public safety as a City of Pittsburgh paramedic. After spending 25 years with the FBI, he returned to the Pittsburgh’s Department of Public Safety and was appointed Director in 2016.

Public Safety Leadership:

Linda M. Rosato-Barone
Deputy Public Safety Director
Assistant Chief of Administration
Department of Public Safety

Tony Landolina
Assistant Director, Administration
412 255-8883

Shatara A. Murphy
Assistant Director, Community Affairs
414 Grant Street, Room 450
Office: 412-255-2374

Scott E. Schubert
Chief of Police
Department of Public Safety 

Ronald Romano
Chief of EMS
Department of Public Safety 

Darryl Jones
Fire Chief
Department of Public Safety