Love Your Block Guidelines

LYB Volunteers cultivating land in group photo.

Please keep these basic requirements in mind before applying:

  • Love Your Block is a City of Pittsburgh program with a maximum award of $2,500.
  • Funding is provided through reimbursement after project implementation.
  • Funding must be awarded through a nonprofit. If your organization is not a nonprofit, you can ask one to be your sponsor. Nonprofits are welcome to sponsor multiple projects.
  • Projects must benefit the public.
  • Projects on private property must have the written permission of the owner.
  • All projects are subject to City of Pittsburgh Zoning and Permit guidelines.
  • Project-related events must follow COVID-19 guidelines that are in place at the time of the events.

In planning for strong and successful projects, consider the following priorities:

  1. Build strong partnerships
    • Partnering with other organizations, nonprofits, or groups to complete this project.
    • Recruit volunteers from neighborhood groups or organizations.
    • Ask local businesses to lend a hand or donate food or materials.
  2. Leverage donations
    • Ask residents or local businesses to donate plants, compost material, or food for your volunteer event day.
  3. Make sure it’s feasible
    • We love creative ideas, but don’t bite off more than you can chew! If you have a huge idea, make Love Your Block a first step in the right direction and secure some other partners that can assist with your plans.
  4. Engage neighbors
    • While your volunteers can come from anywhere, we’ve found that the most impactful projects utilize volunteers within proximity to the project. People like to be a part of what’s happening next door and are more likely to maintain and sustain the project afterward if they helped plan and implement it.