Staghorn Garden & Cafe - District 5

Staghorn Garden & Cafe

Business Name: Staghorn Garden & Cafe.

Business Location: 517 Greenfield Avenue, Greenfield

A third place is where people go when theyre not at work, and theyre not at home. Think Church, the Barber, the Tavern, or increasingly, the neighborhood coffee shop.

Staghorn Garden and Café filled a need for local coffee in Greenfield, but has grown to become the neighborhood's third space. They have taken it upon themselves to
 make sure every person and group is welcomed in their space, and have intentions to grow their social programming. On top of all that, Staghorn offers products
that are locally made and support other local small businesses. Whether you need a pick me up, a place to do work, Leona’s ice cream, or a gift for a friend,
Staghorn is your place.