Disability Service Facilitator Program

Disability Service Facilitators (DSFs) are City staff members appointed to serve as liaisons between their departments and people with disabilities in order to increase efficiency and quality of services and help the City comply with the ADA.

The City of Pittsburgh is committed to eliminating barriers for individuals with disabilities and promoting equitable access to its services and programs. In addition to the City’s ADA Coordinator, Disability Service Facilitators will increase comprehensive support for people with disabilities by making systemic changes to service.

Each Director has selected a permanent staff member to help oversee their department’s ADA compliance. This staff member will understand how the ADA works in their department, oversee resolution of potential issues, and influence front-line practices as they relate to ADA compliance.

  • The responsibilities of Disability Service Facilitators will include:
  • Act as a liaison between the department and the ADA Coordinator
  • Possess an understanding of how the ADA interfaces with their department
  • Advise department director and ADA Coordinator of ADA policy, protocol, implementation, and related accessibility issues
  • Work with department and ADA Coordinator to develop action plans to resolve areas of noncompliance and increase equitable delivery of services
  • Serve as point person for implementation of their department’s accessibility measures 
  • Attend City-County Task Force on Disabilities meetings as necessary
  • Attend online or in-person trainings on ADA compliance

DSF Press Release


Disability Service Facilitators

Department of Mobility and Infrastructure
Tobias Raether
Equitable Mobility Policy Analyst

Doneisha Myers
Clerical Assistant


Department of Public Works
Marcelle Newman
Assistant Director
(412) 255-2488


Human Resources and Civil Service
Charlene Holder
HR Manager
(412) 255-2708


Pittsburgh Commission on Human Relations
Rachel Shepard
Fiscal and Contracting Coordinator
(412) 417-0823


Public Safety
Jonathan Furman
Park Ranger
(412) 605-8527


Emergency Medical Services
Mark Larkin
District Chief
(412) 485-8577


Police Department 
Officer Matthew Schlick
Police Officer
(412) 422-6520

Julie Stoops
Police Lieutenant
(412) 488-8326


Fire Department
Lisa Epps-Cuda 
Fire Inspector & Fire Prevention Officer
(412) 255-2866


Mayor's Office
currently vacant


Parks and Recreation 

Chip Gaul
Project Manager
(412) 255-2237

Edward Ulrich
Recreation Leader


Permits, Licenses, and Inspections 
Monica Bender
Assistant Director, Licensing and Administration
(412) 255-2175


Innovation and Performance
Wendy Urbanik
Manager, 311
(412) 255-4784

Smyth Welton
Manager, Communications Services
(412) 255-2171


Office of Community Health and Safety
currently vacant


Office of Management and Budget
Sheri Rolewski
Budget Analyst - Operating
(412) 255-8923


Sports & Exhibition Authority Facilities
Bill Williams
Facilities Director
(412) 393-0200


Deborah Gmys
Assistant Real Estate Manager
(412) 255-8643


Special Events
Logan O'Hara
(412) 239-4230


Law Department
Currently Vacant