The Government Center The Government Center's NNO Block Party Foreland St at Middle St & East St.,East Allegheny 5pm - 10pm ZONE 1
OHI / Bascom Avenue Get To Know Our Neighbors NNO 139 Bascom Avenue, Observatory Hill 6:30pm - 7:30pm ZONE 1
Observatory Hill Inc National Night Out 5 Points Parking lot at 3907 Perrysville Ave, Observatory Hill 6pm - 8pm ZONE 1
Foundation of HOPE National Night Out 112 W. North Avenue - Parking Lot /Sidewalk On W. North Avenue, Northside 5pm - 8pm ZONE 1
East Allegheny Community Council East Allegheny National Night Out 500 Block of Foreland St (between Middle and James), East Allegheny / Deutschtown 5pm - 8pm ZONE 1
Zone 2 Public Safety Council Zone 2 NNO Block Party Kirkpatrick St & Memory Lane, Hill District 4pm - 8pm ZONE 2
Arlington Civic council National night out 2400 Elsie St. Arlington 6pm - 8pm ZONE 3
South Side Family Lets Grow Together NNO Empty Lot on Chatles St. and Georgia Ave. 15210, Knoxville 12pm - 9pm ZONE 3
South Side Flats Block Watches SS Flats Block Watch National Night Out 181 S 17th Street, South Side Flats 5pm - 7:30pm ZONE 3
St Andrew Lutheran Church St Andrew National Night Out 304 Morewood Ave, Pittsburgh, PA. 15213, Shadyside 5pm - 7pm ZONE 4
Greater Park Place Neighborhood Association A Night Out in Park Place 7720 Abbott Street & Pansy Way, Park Place 6pm - 8pm ZONE 4
Greenfield Community Association Greenfield’s National Night Out 745 Greenfield Avenue, Greenfield 5:30pm - 8:30pm ZONE 4
University of Pittsburgh Pitt Police National Night Out at Schenley Plaza 4100 Forbes Ave., Oakland 6pm - 8pm ZONE 4
Kyle's Hope National Night Out Corner of Whipple and Goodman Street, Swisshelm Park 4pm - 8pm ZONE 4
Ellsworth Place Neighbors National Night Out on Ellsworth Place 610 Ellsworth Place, Shadyside 6:30 pm - 8pm ZONE 4
Pittsburgh Park Rangers Frick Park National Night Out with Pittsburgh Park Rangers 2005 Beechwood Blvd. 4:30 pm - 7pm ZONE 4
Westland/Anita Neighbors National Night Out Westland and Anita Intersection Squirrel Hill 5pm -8pm ZONE 4
Bloomfield Garfield Corporation Garfield NNO 113 N. Pacific Ave Pittsburgh PA 15224, Garfield 4pm - 8pm ZONE 5
Larimer Consensus Group Lets Keep Larimer Safe! 200 Block of Larimer Avenue, Larimer 4pm - 7pm ZONE 5
Just Our Home Neighborhood Backyard Picnic 1038 McCabe St, Stanton Height 5pm - 9pm ZONE 5
The Community Builders Community Garden NNO 5601 Penn Ave, East Liberty 3pm - 6pm ZONE 5
Sheraden Community Council Tweed Street Annual 2021 NNO Block Party 1223 Tweed St., Sheraden 4pm - 9pm ZONE 6
Westside Angels 3207 Ashlyn st Gala Night 4 Neighbors 3207 Ashlyn street, Sheraden 4pm - 9pm ZONE 6
Brookline Block Watch Brookline Block Watch's National Night Out Celebration 736 Brookline Boulevard, Brookline 7pm - 9pm ZONE 6
Greenside Ave Neighbors Greenside Ave & Kirsopp Block Party Greenside Ave, Pittsburgh PA 15220, Banksville 6pm - 9pm ZONE 6
West End Community Group WECG National night Out 47 Wabash St, West End 5pm - 7pm ZONE 6
Beechview Area Concerned Citizens Beechview Annual Night Out 1541 Beechview Avenue, (Parking Lot) Beechview 7pm - 9pm ZONE 6