Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Civic Leadership Academy? 

The Civic Leadership Academy is an 11-week course taught by leaders and employees of city government and authorities to share what services, operations and resources the city provides in and for our communities. Civic Leadership Academy aims to promote civic education and engagement. The program aims to equip graduates to serve as resources to promote thriving, resilient and innovative communities.   

Civic Leadership Academy is held twice per year – in the spring and in the fall.  


Who can participate in the Civic Leadership Academy?  

Residents who live within City of Pittsburgh limits or business owners who operate a business within City of Pittsburgh limits can apply.  Participants must be at least 18 years old.  

City of Pittsburgh employees or employees at City of Pittsburgh authorities who are interested in the program – please contact Leah Friedman at or 412-255-4773 before applying.

Approximately 40 applicants are accepted in each Civic Leadership Academy class. As part of the Mayor’s Welcoming Pittsburgh Initiative, ten spots are reserved for residents who are immigrants or New Americans. Click here to learn more about the Mayor’s Welcoming Pittsburgh Initiative.


When is the Civic Leadership Academy scheduled?  

Civic Leadership Academy consists of 11 consecutive weeks of informational sessions with departments, offices and authorities of the City of Pittsburgh. Classes are Wednesday evenings from 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM. Light refreshments are served at each session. Child care may be available upon request (contact for more information).   

The Spring 2018 Civic Leadership Academy will run from March 28th or June 6th, 2018. Applications for Fall 2018 will open later this year.


Where are the classes? 

The Civic Leadership Academy classes are held in various locations. Some are held in the City of Pittsburgh office buildings Downtown and some are held on-site at facilities around the city, such as the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police Headquarters, Public Safety Training Facility, Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Water Treatment Plant and park facilities.  


Are there transportation or parking reimbursements? 

Participants are responsible for their own travel to classes and Civic Leadership Academy does not offer reimbursements for travel or parking. Participants are provided with all site addresses and parking information in advance. For parking in the Downtown locations,  provides real-time information on parking availability, location, hours and price.  


What departments, offices, bureaus or authorities present at Civic Leadership Academy? 

Each class meets with several different departments, offices, bureaus and authorities. For a list presenters, check out the course schedule here.


What should I expect at the sessions? 

Weekly class sessions are informational, with presentations and activities facilitated by departmental staff who are directly engaged with the day-to-day operations and programs. Presentation materials, contact information and additional resources are provided at sessions as well as in the Civic Leadership Academy online forum.   


Are participants required to attend all sessions? 

Selected participants must attend 8 of the first 10 sessions. The 11th week is a graduation ceremony, which we encourage all of our participants to attend! 


How do I apply? 

There are two application periods per year. If you’d like to be notified via email when the application periods are open, click here to sign up for our mailing list


Applications for the Spring 2018 Civic Leadership Academy have closed. Applications for the Fall 2018 Civic Leadership Academy will open later this year.

Am I required to have an email address? 

All applicants are required to have an email address and computer access to receive Civic Leadership Academy correspondence and participate in the online CLA community forum.  If you need assistance locating public computers, click here to find a Carnegie Library near you or contact the Office of Community Affairs (412-255-4773).


Can I find out more about the class material without participating in the program?

Yes! The 2017 Fall Civic Leadership Academy was filmed and is available on the City Channel Pittsburgh’s YouTube channel. You can access it here.