CLA Participant Testimonials

Felimelia Abenes-Douglass, Shadyside
"Amid the intrusion of modern technology, holding classes and learning in person from the government officials and employees themselves is still the best way to disseminate vital information about government functions and operations. It is amazing to have the chance to meet in person with those people behind the walls of local governance."
Dr. Ellen Roth, Point Breeze
"What caused the pension funding crisis and how did the Mayor arrive at his plan to solve it? What impact will drilling for Marcellus Shale in this region have on our City water supply? These are just a few examples of serious issues facing Pittsburgh that the Mayor's Civic Leadership Academy had the opportunity to explore. It was a privilege to be part of this diverse class and to meet with the highest City officials to learn about how City government handles routine matters as well as the tough ones."
Louis Stamerra, Brookline
"I remember our first class when we were asked what we planned on getting out of this course. I answered 'to understand how the City operates.' I did get a better understanding of how the City operates, but I also am glad I did this so I can teach my son about responsibility, to show him at the age of 16 how you must get involved in your community. Being a decent, involved, and responsible citizen goes much further than paying your taxes on time. In just 10 short weeks, I feel like a better, more informed, more invested, and more responsible citizen."
Carolyn Peeks, Larimer
"This was clearly a very informative and enlightening experience, learning about the city and our government, an experience that will never be forgotten. The privilege of meeting our very busy and hard-working City personnel was most rewarding, along with meeting new friends in other neighborhoods in the City. I would recommend this class to anyone."
Carlin Twedt, Shadyside
When I moved here I didn’t know much about the city of Pittsburgh. I came out of this program a whole new person, with a deeper understanding about the city than some life-long residents.”