Community Cuts

Community Cuts

We've partnered with Civic Champs to create a new pilot program that helps to connect neighbors like you with older residents or residents with disabilities who cannot cut their own lawns or pay for the service in Council Districts 2 and 4. If this pilot program is successful we may expand citywide! 

At this moment we are looking for VOLUNTEERS! If you are interested in volunteering please reach out and follow the steps below.  

  1. SIGN UP: You will need to go to communitycuts.city and scroll to the bottom of the page and click the “Sign up to Volunteer” button.  
  2. CREATE AN ACCOUNT: Select the “Create Account” button and start with either an email address OR mobile phone number and then create your password.  
  3. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Finish your account creation by telling us a bit more about yourself (First and Last name, mobile phone number, and verification that you are at least 13 years of age). 
  4. VERIFICATION: Input the 6-digit verification code that was sent to your email or phone number. You will also need to consent to receive phone calls and text messages for communication if needed.  
  5. DISCOVER OPPORTUNITIES: Click the blue “Lend a Hand” button, then the “Discover Tasks” button.  
  6. APPLY TO THE ORGANIZATION: You will want to apply to the “City of Pittsburgh” organization and select the “Apply to Volunteer” button.  
  7. QUESTIONNAIRE: Answer the four application questions and hit submit when finished. You will be notified once your information is received and you are matched with a neighbor in need.  

For Community Cuts Participants

We are currently still accepting participants who would like to have a volunteer come to their house and cut their grass.  

Since this is a pilot program we are only accepting participants from Districts 2 and 4.  

  • Banksville 
  • Beechview 
  • Chartiers City  
  • Crafton Heights 
  • Duquesne Heights  
  • Mount Washington 
  • East Carnegie 
  • Elliott 
  • Esplen 
  • Fairywood 
  • Oakwood & Ridgemont 
  • South Shore 
  • Sheraden 
  • West End 
  • Westwood 
  • Windgap 
  • Bon Air 
  • Brookline 
  • Carrick 
  • Overbrook 

If you are interested in participating in this pilot program and having a volunteer come to your home please reach out to us! Call us at either at 412-255-0846, email  gisele.betances@pittsburghpa.gov or contact 311.  

Community Cuts F.A.Q.s 

What is Civic Champs?
Civic Champs is a digital platform that allows nonprofit organizations to easily keep track of all of the time that wonderful people like you donate to their cause.

Why do you ask if I am 13 years of age or older?
Civic Champs is a mobile-first platform and therefore, must comply with the Children’s Online Privacy and Protection Act (COPPA). This Act ensures that all users who use online platforms are 13+ years of age.

If using the resident’s lawnmower, will they be providing their own gas/oil for the mower?
Yes, if the resident has their own lawnmower, they will be expected to provide their own gas/oil for it.

If they are out of gas/oil or the mower runs out of it, are volunteers expected to buy/obtain it?
No, you are not expected to go out and purchase it with your OR the residents' money. You are only expected to show up and cut the class.

What condition should I expect the yard to be in?
We expect the grass to have been cut within the last month, so there will be some growth. But it should still be in a condition that would not require landscaping services, special equipment or time and effort that goes beyond that of a volunteer. If you feel like the condition is beyond that of a volunteer, please do not cut the grass.   

What happens if neither I or the resident have a lawnmower?
A volunteer without a mower will only be matched with residents who already have one and vice versa.   

If you have specific questions about Civic Champs or require technical assistance, please email help@civicchamps.com and cc the following: jahonna@civicchamps.com and michael.bernarding@civicchamps.com.