Grant Info

Description of Program

The Love Your Block initiative invites organizations to submit project proposals that can transform their blocks with up to $1,500 and the support of City Departments. With these grant funds, winning groups can purchase supplies, engage their neighbors, and roll up their sleeves to build resilience their neighborhood – block by block! Projects may include, but are not limited to:

  1. Creating Green Spaces:  Community gardens, pocket parks, public spaces, or vacant lot cleanups
  2. Implementing Stormwater Capture:   Rain gardens, bioswales, green bump-outs, rain barrels
  3. Enhancing Parks:  Painting structures, creating garden beds, picnic areas, shrub / flower plantings
  4. Streetscaping:  Planting trees & flowers along curbs / entry-ways, sprucing up neighborhood signs
  5. Removing Graffiti and Litter:  Tire dumping, recycling waste, swapping graffiti for murals, etc.
  6. Sprucing up of Pathways:  Mulching / clearing overgrowth on trails, creating safe school walking routes
  7. Encouraging Emergency Preparedness:  Creating emergency kits, establishing phone trees, community cohesion plans, flood protection

This City of Pittsburgh initiative was initially developed as part of servePGH, the City’s high-impact service plan to engage citizen volunteers to tackle Pittsburgh’s greatest challenges. 

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