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Community Listening Campaign

We are launching a Community Listening Campaign to learn where you feel the strengths, skills, and assets might be in your neighborhood. This information and ongoing connection with you is critical to understanding where we are now as a City, where communities want to go in the future, and how we can develop a shared vision for a safe, healthy, and thriving Pittsburgh.


We appreciate you taking 5-minutes to answer the survey questions here:


OCH&S staff will also be attending community gatherings to introduce the office, listen to your feedback, and identify neighborhood-specific focus groups in the coming months. You can send staff meeting invites or any questions to



Table On The Road

We're taking our Community Listening Campaign on the road. We want to meet with you in your community to learn what you feel the strengths, skills, and assets are your neighborhood. In addition to attending community events and meetings, we will be hosting pop-up discussions, co-hosted with your neighbors. What you share and our ongoing connection with you is critical to understanding where we are now as a city and where we need to go in the future. Together we can develop a shared vision for a safer and healthier Pittsburgh for all. 


Upcoming Table on The Road Events 

 To invite us out to listen to residents in your neighborhood, contact us at