Applications are now open to apply to the Neighborhood Health and Safety Academy! The application deadline is January 31st, 2022.
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Neighborhood Health & Safety Academy

The Office of Community Health and Safety (OCH&S) is launching the Neighborhood Health & Safety Academy (NH&SA) thanks to a grant from Staunton Farm Foundation.

The NH&SA will consist of a series of educational sessions, with stipends provided, on topics such as housing, substance use, and mental health in order to help residents better understand services and resources that exist in the City of Pittsburgh and across the region.

These areas of work are critically important to the health and safety of Pittsburgh residents but can also be difficult to navigate. Community members want to play a role in providing for the health and safety of their neighbors but may not know what role they can play within the continuum of supports. The NH&SA is intended to educate and empower neighborhoods by helping residents understand the landscape of social services, community resources, and public safety in the City of Pittsburgh. The OCHS Academy also seeks to provide residents with practical skills that can be safely applied to improve the health and safety of their neighbors.

The NH&SA is in the planning stages. Visit our EngagePGH page to participate!

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