OCH&S Jobs Postings

The Office of Community Health and Safety is building up its team! We are looking for compassionate individuals who are interested in providing support to help address the health, safety, and social needs of City residents. ​

The office is looking for 6 Community Social Workers (MSW required, LSW preferred) to support the community by engaging in co-response, alternative response, and post-engagement follow up within and in addition to the current emergency response continuum. [application deadline 10/29/2021]

The COS project manager will work with Public Safety Bureaus and the community to coordinate public health and safety data analysis, visualization, mapping, and externalization and will be responsible for project planning. [application deadline 11/1/2021]

The Public Health Program Manager will work to develop sustainable upstream interventions that address health and criminal-legal inequities in the City of Pittsburgh, focusing at the intersection of public health and public safety and bringing their expertise to understanding where there is need, and addressing barriers that create and perpetuate poor health and safety outcomes for Pittsburgh community members. [Application deadline 11/8/2021]

The Overdose Prevention VISTA member will work with the OCH&S Overdose Prevention Coordinator and Public Safety to develop and conduct harm reduction-based training and outreach to reduce harm associated with drug use. [application deadline; rolling]


Laura Drogowski
Director, Office of Community Health and Safety​