OCH&S Jobs Postings

The Office of Community Health and Safety is building up its team! We are looking for compassionate individuals who are interested in providing support to help address the health, safety, and social needs of City residents. ​


The Program Manager will focus on harm reduction and translational efforts, synthesizing research, direct service practices, data, and community health information to promote healthy thriving communities and higher quality of life and wellness for first responders. The ideal candidate will have public health training, urban health experience, and an understanding of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) operations and work.

The Community Social Worker (CSW) will work with a team of colleagues to identify and support individuals whose needs are not met by the traditional Public Safety response paradigm. Engagements will focus on addressing barriers to consistent care, resources, and treatment that result in Public Safety engagements.

The Data Analyst is a 3-year grant-funded position under the Bureau of Justice Assistance’s Connect and Protect: Law Enforcement Behavioral Health Response Program. Their work will be critical to understanding the underlying causes of mental and behavioral health crises and will assist stakeholders in advancing their understanding through data visualization techniques.

The Victim Assistance Specialist (VAS) will work with OCH&S's Continuum of Support, Center for Victims, Women's Center & Shelter, Group Violence Intervention (GVI), and other services to provide direct support to community members who are victims of intimate partner violence (IPV), other categories of violent crime, and instances of trauma and grief.

The Trauma Specialist will serve as a partner to trauma service providers in community outreach, connecting community members with existing trauma services, and will assist the Continuum of Support in addressing gaps present within the delivery of trauma support services.



Camila Alarcon-Chelecki
Acting Manager, Office of Community Health & Safety