Office of Equity Overview

Budget 2020 Narrative

From its transition from the Bureau of Neighborhood Empowerment, the Office of Equity has served the City through creating policies, procedures, and programs that aim to make the city more accessible and equitable for all. Comprised of subject matter experts and policy analysts that can craft and advocate for more equitable policies. Included in the OOE is the Chief Equity Officer, Critical Communities and Initiative Manager, Welcoming Pittsburgh Manager, Youth, and Education Manager, Economic Opportunities Manager, Business Inclusion Manager, Executive Director of Gender Equity, My Brother’s Keeper Coordinator and Policy Analysts.


Chief Equity Officer – In-depth analysis of outcomes, services, and best practices of the City of Pittsburgh departments and how they are contributing to inequity around the City of Pittsburgh. Lead on policies and national best practices to address systemic inequities in government and cities.

Youth and Education Manager - Partners with education, child and youth-serving organizations to improve the educational outcomes and healthy development of young children and youth within the City of Pittsburgh. Addresses quality of life issues for the child and youth-serving organizations and connects them with the appropriate city services, resources, and initiatives. Represents the City on a variety of children and youth focuses Advisory Councils, Policy Councils, and Working Groups. Promotes and manages the City of Pittsburgh Dolly Parton Imagination Library program.

Executive Director Gender Equity Commission- Upholds the principals of CEDAW on a local level. Works with City Departments to identify opportunities for promoting equity, barriers that may exist for different residents, and strategies for overcoming historical inequities. Coordinates a citywide Gender Analysis to offer a broad context for proposed interventions. The mission of the Gender Equity Commission is to achieve equity for women and girls in the City of Pittsburgh. Our vision is a future in which everyone in the City of Pittsburgh, regardless of gender identity or expression, is safe in all spaces, empowered to achieve their full potential, and no longer faces structural or institutional barriers to economic, social, and political equality.

Small Business and Neighborhood Redevelopment Manager - works in supporting neighborhood organizing and economic revitalization by helping business district and neighborhood groups build consensus, form a collective vision, and align that vision with available resources from public and non-profit agencies to realize their neighborhood-level economic goals. Helping to design, build and promote tools for entrepreneurs, as well as eliminate and streamline regulatory barriers in cooperation with the city's departments and authorities. Managing, in cooperation with non-profit partners, the city's Financial Empowerment System including the City of Pittsburgh Financial Empowerment Center and interrelated network of services as embodied in the Pittsburgh Asset Building Network.

Diversity and Inclusion Manager – The liaison between small businesses who want to do business with the City of Pittsburgh from a government contracting perspective. DBE designated businesses or businesses looking to become DBE certified and pursue contract opportunities will be assisted by this position and help navigate government and procurement processes.

Critical Communities Manager - Addresses overall Health and Wellness of communities as a liaison for the Mayor’s Office to organizations and initiatives engaged in veteran’s affairs, homelessness, food policy, disabilities, addiction/reduction in overdoses, and Age-Friendly Greater Pittsburgh/seniors.

Special Initiatives Manager - Responsible for broad immigrant engagement and inclusion within the social, economic, public safety and educational fabric of the City of Pittsburgh by coordinating with the Department of Public Safety, City departments, community based organizations, the philanthropic community, faith-based organizations, and human services providers, and implementing Welcoming Pittsburgh recommendations and initiatives.

Equal Opportunity Review Commission - The Equal Opportunity Review Commission (EORC) reviews and approves all applicable construction contracts for compliance, as well as all applicable professional service contracts. EORC also monitors contractor compliance with the City of Pittsburgh's policies regarding minority and women business enterprises. It also develops policies regarding employment opportunities for minorities and women in contracting with the City of Pittsburgh and its Authorities.

Policy Analysts - Responsible for analyzing and researching best practices for equitable development through a partnership with BNE staff, coordination with City departments, and meetings with stakeholders.

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