Racial Equity Partnerships

As part of the City of Pittsburgh's commitment to racial equity, we have partnered with national and international organizations that provide guidance, best practices and grant opportunities to cities to realize equity in our work.


Race & Equity (GARE)

As a member of the Government Alliance on Race & Equity (GARE), the City of Pittsburgh hosts trainings for our senior officials and staff to better understand how the policies we use and create affect racial equity in our region. GARE helps us to ask ourselves how our policies affect our black neighbors so that we can make policy, budgetary and monetary decisions that reflect our commitment to improving racial equity. Currently, our departments are working to pilot their own Racial Equity Toolkits that can be deployed throughout the city. 

Living Cities

Living Cities helps us implement their mission in our work to harness the collective power of philanthropy, financial institutions and local governments to close racial income and wealth gaps in American cities. Through the Living Cities Accelerator Grant, the City of Pittsburgh has been able to provide resources to our local minority- and women-owned business communities to improve access to contracting opportunities to build their business and reinvest tax dollars in the local economy. 


PolicyLink provides the City of Pittsburgh the opportunity to Lift Up What Works in policy to advance social and economic equity, particularly in low-income communities and communities of color.

National League of Cities (NLC)

National League of Cities (NLC) is a national network of cities throughout the country who provide resources and advocacy so that our cities can grow stronger together. 
NLC serves the interests of over 19,000 cities, towns and villages in the US as well as professionals working in local government. 

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