Budget Calendar

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) is responsible for preparing the Mayor’s Annual Budget and begins preparation in May. Throughout the summer, OMB analysts meet with departments to discuss baseline budgets, requests, position changes, organizational changes, departmental highlights, and new objectives. The analysts present requests and recommendations to the Director of the Office of Management and Budget who will make final recommendations to the Mayor. The Mayor then presents a preliminary operating and capital budget to City Council on or prior to September 30 of each calendar year. The Mayor formally submits the proposed budgets to City Council on the second Monday of November of each fiscal year, pursuant to Chapter 505 of the Home Rule Charter. 

City Council reviews the budget and holds a number of meetings and televised hearings with Departments. After consideration of public input and priorities, City Council makes minor changes and adopts the budget.

OMB is responsible for implementing and overseeing the City of Pittsburgh’s operating and capital budgets. Throughout the fiscal year, OMB monitors the City’s expenditures and revenue receipts, provides legislative overseeing on any matters related to the budget, and oversees budget transfers and adjustments. Analysts in OMB prepare quarterly reports on the performance of major revenue sources and expenditure categories, reports on key factors driving the budget, cash flow, and brief updates on important management initiatives.