Community Development Block Grant

The Community Development Division is responsible for the administration of the federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program. Serving as a catalyst for development in the City's neighborhoods, this program distributes grants for a wide range of projects which address the housing, economic, and human service needs of low and moderate income residents and neighborhoods.

To receive Community Development Division mailings, applications, and notices, please contact

Applications for the next funding cycle will be available late February/March 2020.

Community Development Division is currently updating the Community Development Block Grant application process to match the federal government’s timeline. We are also planning to offer an online application for your convenience next year.

As in past funding cycles, applicants must represent an incorporated entity providing eligible services to low and moderate-income residents of the City of Pittsburgh. Examples of eligible activities include the following:

  • Public services to low and moderate-income residents, disabled adults and/or seniors
  • Rehabilitation or construction of a public facility serving a Community Development Block Grant eligible neighborhood or clientele
  • Housing related activities
  • Economic development activities, etc.

In addition, an applicant should meet certain organizational standards to be eligible for these funds:

  • Minimum of two years in existence
  • (501)c3 incorporated non-profit with a Board of Directors and written bylaws
  • City of Pittsburgh-based or services to City residents
  • Have a legitimate office with an address
  • Show evidence of fiscal management capacity
  • Have a federal tax identification number
  • Possess a nine-digit Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number
  • Have no outstanding financial liabilities with the City of Pittsburgh or demonstrate an approved payment plan

Please check this site regularly for updates and notifications. A Community Development Block Grant program training for potential applicants will be conducted in February 2020.

For more information contact: Whitney Finnstrom at or 412-255-2211.


What are Community Development Block Grants?

The Community Development Block Grant program, abbreviated to CDBG, is funding from the Federal Government that goes to local governments like the City of Pittsburgh. Congress allocates CDBG funds and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) manages the program. CDBG funds must be used to benefit people with median to low incomes.

Read more about the CDBG program through this CDBG 101 presentation.


Construction, Improvements, and Labor Compliance

Community Development Block Grants funds are also used to make improvements and to construct public facilities:

  • Water and sewer facilities
  • Streets
  • Neighborhood centers
  • Recreational improvements.

The Community Development Administration Department is responsible for oversight of federal labor laws and regulations.

For Labor Compliance issues and questions related to construction and improvements, please contact: Kelly Russell at or 412-255-2667.

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