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2020 ESG Program Application Now Open

Allegheny County Economic Development (ACED) and the City of Pittsburgh, Office of Management and Budget (City) are thrilled to announce that Applications and Proposals are open for up to $10 million dollars in funding available for Homeless Shelters, Homeless Street Outreach and Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Rehousing through the Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG)  and the Emergency Solutions Grant CARES Act (ESG-CV). If you have questions, contact: ESGApplication@AlleghenyCounty.us.


Every interested applicant should read:  2020 and 2019-CV ESG Applications Guidelines and Instructions.


Day Date Time Activity
Wednesday May 20th 2:30PM Application Information Session via Zoom.   See Information Session tab below.
Wednesday May 27th 2:30PM

Application and Request for Proposals content-related questions due to ESGApplication@AlleghenyCounty.us. These are questions applicants have to clarify programmatic elements, application and proposal elements and budgets that are related to everything except for the technical aspects of how to submit the application. 

Monday June 1st 2:30PM

Application and Request for Proposals technical related questions must be submitted to ESGApplication@AlleghenyCounty.us. These are only questions related to how to technically complete and submit the application and related documents. 

Wednesday June 3rd 4:00PM Shelter/Street Outreach and Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Rehousing Applications due to ESGApplication@AlleghenyCounty.us.
Monday June 8th 4:00PM Inspection/FMR/Rental Reasonableness and Legal & Mediation Services Requests for Proposals due https://pittsburghpa.gov/beacon/bid-opportunities.html


If you have questions, contact: ESGApplication@AlleghenyCounty.us.

Pre-Application Information Session

A virtual pre-application information session happened May 20 at 2:30PM. 

Download the presentation pdf.


Frequently Asked Questions 

Last updated 5/22/20 

Is the match requirement also waived for the 2020 HPRRH application? 

No, the match requirement is NOT waived for any ESG 2020 funds.  There IS a dollar for dollar match requirement for ALL ESG 2020 funds, including HPRRH funds.   


Did I understand correctly [from the online presentation on 05/20/20] that funds for shelter and outreach will be available beginning January 2021? 

No, that’s not accurate--I’m sorry if we were unclear.  That statement referred to the fact that HUD has issued guidance for a program similar to ESG, stating that eligible COVID 19-related costs that were incurred as early as mid-January 2020  can be reimbursed with CV (CARES Act) funding.  We await written guidance from HUD as to the earliest date that COVID 19-related costs can be captured, but hope that it may be similar to this other HUD program (mid-January 2020).   


The staffing chart refers to “Position” and “Title” - how are we to differentiate between the two columns? 

“Position” may make note of the general roles pertaining to program management, e.g. Case Manager, Housing Search Locator, Landlord Relationship Coordination, etc. “Title” is to be the actual title of the staff member within the organization. 

If you have additional questions please email:  ESGApplication@AlleghenyCounty.us

Please name all documents to be included in you submission as "[organization name] ESG Application - [document name]"

Please utilize the document names as listed above under “Application Materials”. If you are submitting two applications (one for HPRRH and one for Shelter/Street Outreach), please submit a separate Zip file per application, noting HPRRH or Shelter/Street Outreach.

Instructions to submit as a Zip file:

1.       Select all documents to be included in submission.

2.       Right click (or comparative option for your OS) on files to be zipped.

3.       Select either "Compress Items" or "Send to..." then "Compressed (zipped) folder"

4.       Attach Zipped folder to the email for submission.

5.       Email complete application to ESGApplication@AlleghenyCounty.us by 4:00pm on June 3, 2020.




Please check here for the latest alerts on the COVID-19 virus.