HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME)

This page is for program information only. If you are currently looking for affordable housing or rental assistance, please visit the City of Pittsburgh's Housing Assistance Resources Portal.

The City of Pittsburgh receives federal funding through the HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME). This is a HUD-funded grant designed to encourage affordable housing. HOME in Pittsburgh is administered by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA). 

HOME funds are used for The Rental Gap Program (RGP) for affordable rental housing and the For Sale Development Program (FSDP) for affordable for-sale development. Both of these programs provide gap subsidy to non-profit and for-profit development teams that are looking to create affordable rental and for-sale housing.

Qualifying Community Housing Development Organizations (CHDOs) can also receive operating grants from the URA to support their administrative operations so that they may deliver on affordable housing development opportunities for their communities.

Some of the recently completed projects or projects under construction that have utilized HOME funds include Krause Commons in Squirrel Hill, Gladstone Residences in Hazelwood, Granada Apartments in the Hill District, Harvard Beatty Housing in East Liberty, and the Givner Building in Homewood. 

To learn more about URA’s administration of this grant, visit their Residential Development page.