Neighborhood Economic Development Grant

Every year the City of Pittsburgh receives funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) under the Community Development Block Program (CDBG). A portion of these funds is distributed by the City as Neighborhood Economic Development Grants (NED), used by nonprofits doing economic development activities in CDBG eligible neighborhoods.

NED applications are accepted once per calendar year. The NED Advisory Committee,  renamed from the Advisory Committee on Community-Based Organizations (ACCBO) reviews the funding requests for the NED program and makes funding recommendations. 

Sign up for updates on the Neighborhood Economic Development Grants at https://pittsburghpa.gov/omb/cdbg-signup. Everyone on our email list will be notified when the next grant application cycle begins.

CDBG regulations and NED program guidelines allow for the use of grant funds on activities falling under one of the following goals:

  • Main Street Revitalization​

    • Improve the appearance of buildings in a business district​

    • Business district growth​

  • Affordable Housing Improvements​

    • Non-construction costs of administering, growing, or improving affordable housing projects​

  • Vacancy Rate Reduction​

    • Increase use of commercial or residential buildings​

  • Organizational Development 

    • Improve the organizations ability to meet one of the other three goals

To qualify for a NED grant, an organization must meet the following requirements: 

  • Have a 501(c)(3) non-profit tax status 
  • Have a current registration SAM.gov--be sure you renew registration annually and not just a UEI (go to our Subrecipient Resources page for additional information)
  • Operate in a CDBG-eligible City of Pittsburgh neighborhood and serve primarily low-moderate income residents
  • Be a Registered Community Organization, Community Development Corporation, or both
  • Have sufficient capacity to supervise staff and raise other funding 
  • Qualified applicants must be available to make a presentation on their proposed project during the second phase of the application period

For more information, contact: community.development@pittsburghpa.gov.