Public Service Grant

Every year the City of Pittsburgh receives funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) under the Community Development Block Program (CDBG). The these funds are distributed by the City as Public Service Grants (PSG), used by nonprofits to fund a wide variety of projects. Awarded projects typically provide direct services to Pittsburgh residents with low to moderate incomes. PSG has funded projects such as food pantries, youth programs, job training, career counseling, literacy programs, senior activity programs, and more.

PSG applications are accepted once per calendar year. Funding allocations are determined by the Office of the Mayor, but priorities are determined with public input through our Public Hearing process. 

Applicants must represent an incorporated entity providing eligible services to low and moderate-income residents of the City of Pittsburgh. Examples of eligible activities include the following:

  • Public services to low and moderate-income residents, disabled adults and/or seniors
  • Rehabilitation or construction of a public facility serving a Community Development Block Grant eligible neighborhood or clientele
  • Housing related activities
  • Economic development activities

In addition, an applicant should meet certain organizational standards to be eligible for these funds:

  • 501(c)(3) incorporated non-profit with a Board of Directors and written bylaws
  • City of Pittsburgh-based or services to City residents
  • Show evidence of fiscal management capacity
  • Have a federal tax identification number
  • Have a current registration sure you renew registration annually and not just a UEI (go to our Subrecipient Resources page for additional information)
  • Have no outstanding financial liabilities with the City of Pittsburgh or demonstrate an approved payment plan