Resources for Subrecipients

This page is a resource for organizations which have been awarded CDBG funds through Public Service Grant (PSG) and/or Neighborhood Economic Development (NED) Grant programs.


To qualify for funding, organizations must have the following in addition to PSG and NED program guidelines:

  • Active 501(c)(3) nonprofit status
  • Current registration through
  • Current general liability insurance coverage
  • Current workers comp insurance if your organization has staff on payroll Registration

For organizations that are registering with for the first time, follow the videos below to first obtain a UEI and then register with

Step 1: Obtain a UEI

Step 2: Register Entity for

Be aware that even if your organization has a Unique Entity Identifier (UEI), you may not be fully registered. Registration is a separate process after receiving a UEI, and must be updated annualy. 

City staff have prepared the following guides:

Use this guide if you have not received a UEI

Use this guide if you have a UEI but have not completed registration

If you have additional questions, contact your Program Coordinator for further assistance.


On November 2023, OMB-CD held a training for subrecipients, covering contract documents and the reimbursement process. See video below:

A pdf of the slides is available here.

Contract Documents

If your organization has been awarded funding, the first step to accessing those funds is to complete a contract with the City. Awarded organizations must submit the items listed in the checklists below to help fill in their contract. Your Program Coordinator will use the documents you provide to create a contract. Be sure to select the correct document for Public Service or NED funds:

General Public Service Grant

Public Service Grant for Senior Services

Neighborhood Economic Development

Contract Checklist  Contract Checklist Contract Checklist

Exhibit A: Scope

Income Limits

Exhibit A: Scope

Presumed Benefit Categories

Exhibit A: Scope

List of Eligible Census Tracts

Map of Eligible Census Tracts

Exhibit B: Budget

Fillable Template

Exhibit B: Budget

Fillable Template

Exhibit B: Budget

Fillable Template

Exhibit C: Insurance Exhibit C: Insurance Exhibit C: Insurance
Exhibit D: Certification of Debarment Exhibit D: Certification of Debarment Exhibit D: Certification of Debarment
Exhibit E: Statement of Affiliations Exhibit E: Statement of Affiliations Exhibit E: Statement of Affiliations
Federal Grant Reporting Form Federal Grant Reporting Form Federal Grant Reporting Form

Contracts are created from a standardized template, which can be viewed here. This template is for viewing only. YOUR PROGRAM COORDINATOR WILL CREATE YOUR ORGANIZATION'S CONTRACT.


Once you have an executed contract, you can begin submitting requisitions for reimbursement. Every time you ask the City for money, you will need the following documents: 

  • A requisition form stating how much of the budget has been spent, and how much remains
  • A narrative of activities briefly explaining how the money was spent, including any particular accomplishments the program or organization had during the time period of the expense
  • Proof of expenses (receipts, time sheets, etc.)

If your project is required to document client income, you will also need to include:


HUD requires subrecipients to be periodically monitored. Before your organization is monitored, your Program Coordinator will work with you to ensure you are prepared. You will receive and Introduction to Montioring document, and you can also access our Monitoring Form at any time. 

Resources from HUD

HUD has published Playing by the Rules for Subrecipients, a manual of helpful information on grant regulations. By following the link you can download the entire manual, or specific chapters.

The Community Development Division has developed a self-certification form that food banks can use if they choose during the COVID-19 pandemic. The form has been translated in a few different languages. Please note that these forms are for use by food banks during COVID-19 only.  If you have any questions please contact your respective Planner working on your contract. or

2021-22 Self Certification Form