Function, Services & Goals

OMI investigates and helps resolve complaints about Public Safety Department employees, including PoliceFire, Bureau of Building Inspection, Emergency Medical Services, and all other City employees. Our office conducts pre-employment background investigations for Public Safety job candidates. 

OMI acts solely as a fact-finder and does not make disciplinary decisions or recommendations.  OMI relies on city work rules, union contracts, civil service regulations, city code, and state laws to define illegal and inappropriate conduct and rules of investigation.  By remaining independent from any Public Safety Department bureau, and by staying removed from the disciplinary process, OMI ensures citizens and employees a fair, thorough investigation.  OMI also identifies problem areas where policy development or retaining may be necessary.

Core Services

  • Allegations of Misconduct:
    • Conducts investigation when there are legitimate allegations of misconduct by City of Pittsburgh employees.
  • Pre-Employment Investigation:
    • Conducts pre-employment background investigation for Public Safety jobs and where otherwise requested.
  • Residency Compliance:
    • Conducts investigations when questions arise concerning residency compliance.
  • Public Safety Services:
    • Provides administrative support for Public Safety trial boards.

Goals & Objectives


To promote community confidence in City government by working to prevent future incidents of City of Pittsburgh employee misconduct and abuse of civil rights by City law enforcement officers. 

These goals are accomplished by insuring prompt, thorough, accurate, and timely investigations into City of Pittsburgh employee misconduct.


  • Consistent and thorough training of OMI staff to enhance investigative skills.
  • A quarterly report reflecting OMI's investigative product from intake through conclusion as a means to insure public confidence and establish official accountability.
  • Implementation of appropriate database systems in an effort to ensure accurate maintenance of records, and as mechanism for more streamlined and efficient method-of-case management.