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Banner DOMI
Construction Staging DOMI
Curb Cut DOMI
Encroachments DOMI
Moving Permit DOMI
Opening Permit DOMI
Pole Permit DOMI
Right of Way (ROW) DOMI
Sidewalk Activation DOMI
Sidewalk Café DOMI
Sidewalk Repair DOMI
Valet license DOMI
Construction Permit Fire
Explosives and Fireworks Fire
Fire Alarm Registration Fire
HAZMAT License Fire
HAZMAT Permit Fire
Hotwork Operations Fire
Special Events Fire
Special Occupancy - Fire Fire
Storage Fire
Block and Lot Index Hopkins
Hopkins Plat Book Volume 1 Hopkins
Hopkins Plat Book Volume 2 Hopkins
Hopkins Plat Book Volume 3 Hopkins
Hopkins Plat Book Volume 4 Hopkins
Hopkins Plat Book Volume 5 Hopkins
Hopkins Plat Book Volume 6 Hopkins
Hopkins Plat Book Volume 7 Hopkins
Adopt-A-Lot Other
Ballpark and Court Rentals Other
Dog Licensing Other
Films and Events Permitting Other
Market Stall Leases Other
Park Shelter Rentals Other
Paying Taxes Other
Real Estate Other
Registered Community Organization (RCO) Registration Other
Registering a Business Other
Residential Permit Parking District Creation Other
Additional Planning Applications Planning
Address Request Planning
Consolidation/Subdivision Request Planning
Historic Nomination Planning
Master Plan/Zoning Change Application Planning
Property Certification Request Planning
Zoning Appeal Request Planning
Zoning Development Review Planning
Code Violations PLI
Antique, Secondhand, Junk, and Pawn Brokers PLI Licenses
Bed and Breakfasts PLI Licenses
Electrical Trade  PLI Licenses
Fire Suppression Trade PLI Licenses
General Contractors PLI Licenses
Limited Towing on Commercial Parking Lots PLI Licenses
Mechanical Amusement Devices  PLI Licenses
Mechanical Trade PLI Licenses
Mobile Peddlers PLI Licenses
Mobile Vehicle Vendors PLI Licenses
Rental Registry (Coming Soon) PLI Licenses
Sign Contractors PLI Licenses
Sign Maintenance Certifications PLI Licenses
Stationary Power Engineer Trade PLI Licenses
Stationary Vendors  PLI Licenses
Ticket Reselling PLI Licenses
Trade Fairs  PLI Licenses
Transient Merchants PLI Licenses
Approved City Registered Third Party Agencies PLI Permits
Certificate of Occupancy Search Tool PLI Permits
Commercial Building Permit PLI Permits
Commercial Electrical Permits PLI Permits
Commercial HVAC Permit PLI Permits
Commercial Occupancy Permit PLI Permits
Commercial Work NOT Requiring a Permit PLI Permits
Deck Construction PLI Permits
Fire Alarm Permit PLI Permits
Fire Suppression System Permit PLI Permits
Land Operations Permit PLI Permits
Occupant Load Placard Permit PLI Permits
Residential and Commercial Private Demolition Permit PLI Permits
Residential Building Permit PLI Permits
Residential Electrical Permits PLI Permits
Residential HVAC Permit PLI Permits
Residential Occupancy Permit PLI Permits
Residnetial Work NOT Requiring a Permit PLI Permits
Sign Permit PLI Permits
Special Inspection Information PLI Permits


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