City’s Art Collection

The City has a vast collection of Monuments, Memorials, Contemporary, and Modern works of Art. The Public Art and Civic Design Division is in charge of maintaining and preserving the collection.

As of May 2018, a revamped inventory of the collection was released by the PA+CD Division. The inventory was updated with a new layout, images, history, and addresses. This is work-in progress document and will be continually updated with new information.

To download the 5.1 version of the City's Art Collection inventory, please follow:

We ask that citizens review this inventory and contact us if:

  • corrections need to be made;
  • any additional war monuments pertaining to any war or individuals connected to an American conflict exist, that are not noted in this inventory;
  • any honor rolls exist that are not included in this inventory

Please contact:

The Public Art and Civic Design Division, Department of City planning or 412-255-8996

The Division also has been working with the Department of Public Works on Cartegraph, a platform to inspect the current condition of the City’s Art Collection. We have geolocalized and visited the majority of the monuments and memorials and have made notes in relation to their condition which has now been recorded in this platform. All this information will be compiled into a lasting online database and further utilized to care for and maintain the City's collection of these pieces.

If you would like to view a working document of privately owned Pittsburgh's monuments and memorials inventory click here; this only represents a partial survey.

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