Certificate of Occupancy Search

Certificates of Occupancy are documents that certify that a building or structure or portion thereof conforms with the applicable Zoning Code and Building Codes enforced at the time the Certificate was issued.  You can search below by using Permit Number, Address, Parcel ID, the Ward Number or a combination of the four search keywords.  Please see the links for Residential and Commercial Occupancy Permits linked to the right for for more information on Occupancy Permits. 

Before searching, please consult our Certificate of Occupancy Search User Guide. This guide provides comprehensive tips on how to properly search. 

Have you tried searching below and cannot find a Certificate of Occupancy that should be there? Please email plirecords@pittsburghpa.gov to verify whether or not a property has a Certificate of Occupancy on file. You will receive a response within 5 business days with a copy of the Certificate of Occupancy. 

Do you have a certificate of occupancy not in our records? Send your copy to PLIRecords@pittsburghpa.gov to incorporate into the library.

Note/ tips:  The City of Pittsburgh does not require a Certificate of Occupancy to sell or buy a property like other municipalities surrounding Pittsburgh. This does not mean that the property meets all applicable zoning and building codes. The buyer may be required to apply for an Occupancy Permit if the current use of the structure or land is different than the current Certificate of Occupancy. To ensure that the real estate transaction meets Pennsylvania law, you must complete a Zoning Certificate request.

  • Existing single-family homes may not have a Certificate of Occupancy because past regulations did not require one

The most recent certificate is the current legal use. Two separate Certificates may encompass the entire legal use if different portions of a structure were approved at different times.