Mobile Vehicle Vendor

The City of Pittsburgh requires a Mobile Vehicle Vendor License for anyone selling food or goods from an approved vending vehicle on public parking. The vending vehicle shall not remain at any one location for more than (4) four hours while vending. 

Exemptions: No vending license is required to sell food or goods when vending units are located in the Strip District neighborhood. Vendors that fall under this exception must seek written permission from the building or property owner. 

Food Trucks: A Mobile Vehicle Vendor License is required to operate a food truck within the City of Pittsburgh. A Food Truck is defined as a food establishment that is located upon a vehicle, or which is pulled by a vehicle, where food or beverage is cooked, prepared, and served for individual portion service such as a mobile food kitchen.

Inspections are completed to insure the vendor is properly disposing of waste in minimum 30 gallon combined capacity trash containers (not in City trash cans), not producing loud noises, not vending within 100 feet of a business that sells similar items without permission, capable of movement at all times, and meeting all other requirements of the License.

For a complete list of definitions and requirements, please refer to Chapter 719: Vendors and Peddlers of the City Code and the PLI Licensing Rules and Regulations.

Please consult the maps of prohibited vending locations in the City of Pittsburgh. Vending within the shaded boundaries is not permitted.

Application Process

1) Prepare Required Documents

2) Complete Application

3) Submit Documents and Payment

4) Inspections

  • New licenses are subject to inspection by PLI prior to issuance.
  • Renewed licenses are subject to periodic maintenance inspections.


Main License Requirements

  • City of Pittsburgh tax compliance letter from the City Finance department.
  • General Liability insurance certificate with the City of Pittsburgh listed as certificate holder.
  • Valid vehicle registration for vending unit.
  • Valid government-issued photo ID of the applicant.
  • Workers compensation certificate or affidavit of exemption.
  • Photos of front, side, and interior of vehicle or vending unit.

Additional License Requirements

Late Fees 

A late fee will be charged the day after your license expires. If your license is not renewed within 30 days of expiration, it is considered lapsed and closed. All business licenses expire a year from the date of issuance.


  • Looking for additional info or clarification on your license requirements? 
  • Where can I find my certificate of occupancy?
  • How do I get a tax certification letter?   
  • Insurance info
    • A non-expired Certificate of Insurance showing general liability coverage for the applicant at the location where licensed activity will take place, and listing the City of Pittsburgh as the certificate holder and additionally insured. General liability insurance minimums as follows: $1,000,000 each occurrence, $2,000,000 general aggregate.
    • Worker’s Compensation Insurance: A Certificate of Insurance showing Worker's Compensation coverage for the applicant business and listing the City of Pittsburgh as the certificate holder. If the business does not have any employees, then upload a notarized statement attesting that there are no employees.  
    • Department of Permits, Licenses and Inspections Workers' Compensation Exemption Affidavit.