Other Agency Coordination

PLI requires some permit scope to be coordinated with these agencies: the Department of City Planning, the Department of Mobility and Infrastructure, the Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire, the PA Department of Health and the PA Department of Community and Economic Development.


Zoning Review

A Zoning Development Review Application (ZDR) is required for the following PLI permit related work:

  • Building, mechanical and electrical permits with exterior work and/or exterior equipment
  • Building permits with a change in use
  • Sign, land operations and occupancy only permits
  • Construction permits for properties located in a regulated floodplain

Please note that demolition permits will be reviewed by Zoning but will not require a Zoning Development Review application.

Please refer to Zoning’s website for documentation requirements and more specific information.


Department of Mobility and Infrastructure (DOMI)

DOMI permits are required for work for the following PLI permit related work:

  • Associated with vehicle access from the public right way onto the subject site for loading, parking, and/or garages.
  • Encroachments into the public right of way such as: accessible ramps at building entrances, projecting signs, balconies, decks, etc.
  • Land operations work associated with private streets and/or transportation of materials over city streets.

PLI will hold permits with associated work regulated by DOMI until written documentation of DOMI authorization to proceed is provided or DOMI permit approval.


Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire (PBF)

PLI requires written documentation of PBF approval for the following PLI permit related work:

  • New commercial structures or new residential developments
    • Fire apparatus access roads and/or fire department vehicle access
    • Fire flows – hydrant flow rate available for fire fighting operations
    • Fire command center location and design for high-rise structures
    • Emergency responder radio coverage
  • Fire Suppression Systems
    • Fire department connections
  • Commercial Structure PV Solar Installations
    • IFC required roof access, pathways between panels and spacing of panels.


PA Department of Health (DOH)

Per PA UCC Section 403.22 for structures regulated by the PA Health Care Facilities Act application submissions shall include the PA Department of Health approved drawings.  This ensures that PLI reviews the same project scope approved by the PA Department of Health.  Failure to provide this documentation will result in revisions requested and may result in the application not being reviewed.


Allegheny County Health Department (ACHD)

Installation of plumbing systems requires a permit from ACHD Plumbing Department.  If the work scope includes this type of work, PLI will require documentation of passed ACHD inspections at time of the following building inspections: rough, underfloor, and wall covering inspection, and final.

Removal of materials which contain asbestos materials may require an asbestos abatement permit application from ACHD.


Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (PWSA)

New or modified taps into water mains require a permit from PWSA.  For new or modified taps that serve as a fire main for a suppression system require a permit from PLI.  The application submission for these fire mains shall include the PWSA approved tap-in plans.


PA Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED)

Pre-fabricated structures or portions of structures (modules) and components that are regulated by the Industrialized Housing Act (35 P. S. §§ 1651.1 - 1651.12) shall provide documentation of DCED approval, see below.

Permits that include pre-fabricated “modules” shall provide:

  • Copies of construction drawings approved by a DCED registered Third Party Agency as part of their permit application submission.These documents shall document compliance with all applicable building, electrical, mechanical, fuel gas and energy code requirements.
  • The pre-fabricated “modules” shall bear a DCED label to identify they have been built and inspected to PA Industrialized Housing Act requirements.
  • Note modification of “modules” in the field cannot be authorized by PLI and shall require review and inspection by DCED.
  • Note that all site related activities will be regulated directly by PLI: site preparation, foundation systems, utility connections and site built accessory structures (decks, stairs, etc.) and require submission of construction drawings prepared and sealed by a PA licensed architect or engineer.

Permits that include pre-fabricated “components” (such as wall, roof or floor panels) shall provide:

  • Documentation of DCED certification for the component as part of their permit application submission.
  • Drawings prepared by a PA licensed architect or engineer to document how these components will be installed to construct the building or structure as part of their permit application submission.
  • Physical components used in construction shall bear the DCED certification stamp.