Who is my inspector?

Construction inspectors are assigned when the permit is issued, and the inspector’s name and phone number will be listed on the permit itself.

Can I request an inspection if I don’t have a permit?

NO. Work is not allowed without a valid permit.

Will I need a Third Party Agency (TPA)?

TPA inspections are required for some permit types and will be indicated on the permit. We only accept TPA inspections from our approved list.

TPA inspections are not accepted for permits which are assigned to inspections by the City of Pittsburgh.

How do I know if a company is approved for TPA Inspections?

The most current list of Approved Third Party Agencies is on the PLI Web page "Registered Third Party Agencies."

What types of inspections are needed?

An approved inspection is required for each phase of work before it is covered or concealed. Generally, this will include:

  • Pre-Inspection -before work begins
  • Footing and Foundation Inspection - after excavation and placement of reinforcing steel. Prior to concrete.
  • Concrete slab and under-floor inspection
  • Lowest floor elevation - in flood hazard areas.
  • All Rough-in inspections HVAC, ELECT, Fire, Accessibility, and Frame/Penetrations
  • Frame inspection
  • Lath and gypsum board inspection
  • Fire- and smoke-resistant penetrations
  • Energy efficiency inspections
  • Special inspections
  • All Final Inspections HVAC, ELECTo Final and Occupancy Inspection, Fire, Accessibility, and Building to include smokes and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Final and Occupancy Inspection

How do I schedule an appointment for inspection?

It is the duty of the permit holder to contact the inspector when work is ready for inspection, and provide access to and means for inspection.

Contact the Inspector listed on the permit directly by phone or email to schedule the inspection.

I can’t reach my inspector?

Contact the inspector’s supervisor. The supervisor’s name and phone number are listed on the permit and will be provided.

The inspector’s voicemail is full and I already called the Supervisor and didn’t get a call back. Is there anyone else that can take my call?

Please contact our Government and Community Affairs Liaison Sally Stadelman at

What does the Inspector need to see at the time of the inspection?

An approved posted permit and inspection sign-off card.

Approved construction drawings must be available on the job site.

All work requiring inspection must be made accessible to the inspector at the time of inspection.

This information can be provided by the Inspector during the Pre-Inspection.

If I have concerns about a property, can I contact an inspector?

If an emergency, contact 911. Non-emergency, the concern can be directed to 311 and an Operations Inspector will be assigned.



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