PLI Fees

Download the 2020 Fee Schedule

The cost of a permit will now be calculated based on the total construction value of the project. For more info, please download the Fee Schedule, consult our Permit Fee Calculator, or the cost calculation formula below. Please note, the construction value, and therefore the total cost of your permit, may change between the time of application and permit issuance.

The fee schedule allows PLI to offer expedited plan review services at the Department’s discretion. Due to current capacity, it is unlikely that this service will be offered in May with the roll out of the new fee schedule. PLI will give notice when this service is slated to become available. Please check this page and our newsletter for updates. 

See our new PLI Permitting Fees Q&A here 

ZONING FEES MAY APPLY. Please consult the Zoning Fee Schedule.

*Effective October 25, 2017, the fees collected for the Pennsylvania code official training fund (SEFT fees) have increased from $4.00 to $4.50. Governor Wolf signed Act 37 of 2017 authorizing the increase of fees collected by municipalities administering and enforcing construction or building permits in accordance with the Pennsylvania Construction Code Act.

The City of Pittsburgh Department of Permits, Licenses and Inspections (PLI) will begin collecting the new $4.50 effective November 20, 2017 for all new permits. Permits pending and not issued as of November 20, 2017 will be assessed the additional 50 cents fee. Permits entered and issued by PLI between October 25, 2017 and November 20, 2017 will not be subject to the 50 cents increase.