Application Review

Application Review Order and Service Level Agreements (SLA)

PLI does not currently offer pre-liminary Plan Review services. PLI's current accelerated Plan Review services are limited to commercial fire alarm and commercial suppression systems permits, fees apply. See PLI's Accelerated Plan Reviews Guidance for additional informaiton. All application submissions are reviewed in order based on the date a completed application is accepted by the OneStopPGH portal or counter. 

The Service Level Agreement (SLA’s) for each permit type that require application review are as follows:

  • 30 business days initial, 15 business day revision or amendment
    • Commercial structures for building, mechanical, fire alarm, suppression system, demolition and land operations permits
  • 15 business days initial, 8 business day revision or amendment
    • Residential structures for building, mechanical, electrical, demolition and occupancy only permits
    • Commercial structures for occupancy only, occupant load placard and sign permits
  • 5 business days initial, revision or amendment
    • Commercial structures for occupancy only permits for temporary use

In addition to the OneStopPGH portal, please refer to this webpage for publicly available resources to help applicants and the public independently track applications through the PLI permitting processes.

Basis for Review

PLI is legally obligated to review each application for compliance with code compliance based on the information provided on the submitted drawings.  Please refer to building standard and codes for additional information regarding applicable codes.

PLI has developed review checklists that are used to evaluate each application type.  Please review these checklists to confirm you have provided adequate information and demonstrated code compliance.   

Please note your permit scope may require review and approval by other agencies, please see Other Agency Coordination for an overview of these requirements and processes.

Application Response

If the application requires OneStopPGH review, the applicant will be notified of permit approval or to request revisions either through the OneStopPGH portal or directly by email or fax – if submitted to the OneStopPGH counter.

Revisions Requested

PLI’s request for revisions will include a formal plan review record providing a list of comments and/or corrections required for your application to be approved.  The report will identify code references for the requested items.  Please review these code references to better understand why corrections are required and what needs to be corrected.  


Please note that application submissions, including revisions, will only be accepted electronically through the OneStopPGH portal or in hard copy format through the OneStopPGH counter.

Application Abandonment

Please note that PLI will consider your application abandoned and void if either of the following applies:

  • If no response is made to a request for revisions within 180 days
  • If an approved permit is not paid for and issued within 180 days

All application materials associated with abandoned permits will be discarded.

Next Steps

Permit Issuance. Once you have been notified of permit approval, your permit is ready to be issued. 

Permit Process Overview