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Are you concerned that you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship?

Domestic Violence is a crime. Victims of abuse have the right to call the police for help, seek assistance from the courts, and obtain information on where to find emergency shelter and services.

Abuse Can Include:

  • Physical, sexual, financial, or emotional abuse and control by a person with whom you currently, or formerly, have an intimate partner relationship.
  • Jealously, possessiveness, or controlling behavior.
  • Verbal abuse, harassment, or physical harm.
  • Threats to kill you, your children, or himself/herself.

Women's Center & Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh (WC&S)

WC&S provides free and confidential services for all domestic violence victims regardless of race, gender, sexual identity, or any other factor.

Services Include:

  • A 24-hour hotline for safety planning, emotional support, and referral for other services.
  • Temporary shelter for abused victims and their children.
  • Legal options counseling and court accompaniment.

Contact the Women’s Center & Shelter:

  • 24/7 Hotline - 412-687-8005
  • Connect with an advocate by texting (412) 744-8445 or by visiting WCSCanHelp.org and clicking Chat for Help.
  • Visit wcspittsburgh.org

Bright Sky App (For IOS and Android)

Bright Sky is a safe, free, and easy to use app and website that provides practical support and information on how to respond to domestic violence. It is for anyone experiencing domestic violence, or for those who may be worried about someone else.

911 RU safe app

Protection From Abuse (PFA) Order

Whether or not criminal charges are filed against your abusive partner, you may be able to obtain an immediate court-mandated PFA Order with safety provisions to protect you.

A PFA Order Can:

  • Order your abusive partner to stop violent behavior and refrain from harassing, contacting, or stalking you.
  • Remove weapons from your abuser.
  • Exclude your abuser from your residence.
  • Grant temporary custody of your minor children to you.

How to File for a PFA Order:

  • To obtain a Temporary PFA Order from Family Court, go to Family Court at 440 Ross Street, Room 3030, Pittsburgh, PA, 15219 between 8:00 a.m. and 11 a.m. 

  • To obtain an Emergency PFA at all other times, go to the Magisterial District Judge located at the Pittsburgh Municipal Court (MCB) Building at 660 First Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA, 15219. Emergency PFA's may also be obtained at the MCB on weekends and court holidays 24 hours/day -OR- at your local Magisterial District Judge's office on weekdays from 11 a.m. to close of business. For questions, please call Arraignment Court at 412-350-3241.

Call a Domestic Violence Program Hotline at 412-687-8005 or 1-877-338-TALK (8255) for assistance with filing for PFA relief.

For additional information, please visit www.alleghenycourts.us/family/pfa or call 412-350-4441 for the Allegheny County Family Division.


Additional Resources

Alle-Kiski Area HOPE Center (Alle-Kiski Valley) 
24/7 Hotline 724-224-1266 

Crisis Center North (Northern Suburbs of Allegheny County)
24/7 Hotline 412-364-5556 24/7 
Toll Free Hotline 1- 866-782-0911
Text (SMS) line 412-444-7660

Center for Victims (Mon-Yough Area and Allegheny County)
24/7 Hotline 1-866-644-2882

Pennsylvania Office of Victim Advocate (State of Pennsylvania)
Hotline 1- 800-563-6399

National Domestic Violence Hotline (Nationwide)
24/7 Hotline 1-800-799-SAFE (7233)

Text to 911 (Allegheny County)
If you are unable to call 911, you may text to 911 in Allegheny County.

To send a text to 911, enter "911" in the "To" field. Send a short message of no more than 160 characters, including the location of the emergency and the type of help needed. Be prepared to answer follow up questions or instructions from the 911 dispatcher. Reminder to silence your cell phone so that message responses from 911 do not send an alert sound that may be heard by an abusive partner.


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