Investigations Branch

The Investigations Branch investigates and solves crimes against persons and property.

This branch also includes...

  • Office of Family Violence and Missing Persons
  • Narcotics and Vice - which combats illegal drug manufacturing, distribution, sale and use.
Contact Information
Unit Phone
Auto Squad 412-323-7168
Arson Squad 412-782-7646
Burglary Squad 412-323-7155
Crime Stoppers 412-255-8477
Crime Unit 412-323-7131
Witness Security 412-323-7843
Firearms Tracking 412-323-7768
Forfeiture & Seizures 412-323-7761
Gang Task Force 412-323-7761
Homicide Squad 412-323-7161
Missing Persons 412-323-7141
Narcotics 412-323-7761
Nuisance Bar Task Force 412-323-7761
Nuisance Bar Hotline 412-323-7777
Pawn 412-323-7159
Robbery Squad 412-323-7151
Sex Assault/Family Violence 412-323-7141


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