Mayor Peduto, Councilman Gilman Unveil New Accessible Play Equipment in 78 Parks and Playgrounds Citywide

City Announces Strategic Plan to Improve Accessibility for Children of All Abilities in City Parks

Pittsburgh, PA (December 18th, 2017)- Today at Mellon Park, Pittsburgh Mayor William Peduto, City Councilman Dan Gilman, and the City of Pittsburgh Department of Public Works announced the addition of play equipment for children of all abilities throughout Pittsburgh. The City will install 91 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)-accessible swings and six wheelchair-accessible swings in 78 parks and playgrounds citywide. The City also unveiled a strategic plan to improve accessibility for children with differing abilities in all City parks and playgrounds.

"I'd like to thank Councilman Gilman and the Department of Public Works for honoring our continued commitment to make Pittsburgh an extraordinary and inclusive place to live, work and play,” said Mayor William Peduto. “The expansion of handicap accessible equipment in our parks, including the first wheelchair accessible swing, eliminates barriers and provides children and families the opportunity to learn, grow and play together.  I look forward to creating more innovative and inclusive play environments throughout the city."

“The installation of 97 accessible swings is a transformational first step toward ensuring that all of Pittsburgh’s world-class parks and playgrounds are inclusive and can be enjoyed by children of all abilities.” said Councilman Dan Gilman. “I would like to thank Mayor Peduto, the Department of Public Works, and Pittsburgh families who tirelessly advocated for more accessible parks and playgrounds.”

Department of Public Works crews will install 91 ADA-accessible swings that can be used by children of all abilities. In a first for the City of Pittsburgh, crews will also be installing six wheelchair-accessible swings in playgrounds with four or more swing bays capable of safely bearing additional weight. The first phase will cost $81,000 to implement.

Joined by families of children with differing abilities, the City announced that it will continue to make other improvements with a goal of ensuring that every City park and playground is accessible for all children. Children were also on-hand to try out the brand new equipment.

“Our two sons would be honored by designing our City playgrounds for everyone. Children with all abilities will benefit from these new safe swings,” said Becky Mingo and Dutch MacDonald, who are parents and residents of Friendship. Two of their sons, Toby and Max, had Hunter Syndrome or MPSII, a degenerative disease and passed away in 2014 and 2017, respectively.

Click here to see a list of the locations of 91 ADA-accessible swings and here to see a list of the locations of six wheelchair-accessible swings.  





Hersh Merenstein
Communications Manager, Office of Pittsburgh City Councilperson Erika Strassburger
District 8


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