City of Pittsburgh Finalizes Street Paving List for 2018

PITTSBURGH, PA (April 13, 2018) Mayor William Peduto and the Department of Mobility and Infrastructure (DOMI) have finalized the list of 2018 street resurfacing projects, totaling nearly 55 miles of paving this year.  

Paving work is set to begin Monday.  

The full list of streets the City will be paving this year can be found here. Weekly work lists for individual streets will also be posted. 

The list of streets where work is being performed next week is here, and a searchable map of 2018 street resurfacing work via Burgh's Eye View is here

The City plans to resurface 35.7 miles (506,938 square yards) of asphalt paving on its own but the total amount of paving will be greater with the addition of work by utilities. In addition to the city's work there will be:  

  • 8.93 miles / 143,649 square yards through utility coordination 

  • 1.20 miles / 18,963 square yards done by utilities alone 

  • 8.84 miles / 203,581 square yards of mechanical patching  

In all, that totals 54.67 miles of asphalt street paving work this year. 

The paving list was prepared by DOMI and finalized this week after discussions with members of Pittsburgh City Council on street paving needs in their districts. 

The city's overall street resurfacing budget for 2018 is nearly $17 million. The Peduto Administration introduced legislation in February adding $800,000 to that budget.  




Timothy McNulty
Communications Director