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The City of Pittsburgh 311 Language Access Plan

PITTSBURGH, PA (April 23, 2018) The City of Pittsburgh 311 Response Non-Emergency Call Center is pleased to announce the launch of the 311 Language Access Plan. Effective immediately, 311 operators will be able to connect city residents with a translator and answer resident's questions during calls. The 311 Response Center operates as a hub connecting residents, visitors and inquiring minds to City Departments.    

The 311 Response Center is the City of Pittsburgh Non-Emergency call center that allows residents and non-residents to report varying neighborhood problems (potholes, traffic problems, graffiti, litter abandoned buildings and cars, etc.) and to provide city information to residents (City office contact information, hours, upcoming events or meetings, volunteer opportunities, etc.).   

This plan is a transformational step to ensuring all Pittsburgh residents have access to the wealth of information and opportunities our city has to offer. With the increase in diversity in our city, being able to assist all residents and to provide access to all resources is a top priority.   






Keyva Clark
Communication Analyst
Mayor's Office