Garbage Olympics Winners Announced

PITTSBURGH, PA (September 24, 2018) Twenty neighborhood groups kept busy Saturday morning competing in Pittsburgh's 2nd Annual Garbage Olympics. Teams from the neighborhoods had two hours to pick up trash throughout their communities.

Members of the Mayor's Clean Pittsburgh Commission counted and assessed the piles collected, and announced the winners at a pizza and awards ceremony at Spirit Lodge in Lawrenceville. Local businesses and leaders donated prizes, including lunch with Mayor William Peduto.

Beechview took home the Oscar the Grouch trophy for most trash collected, Garfield won for strangest item found, and North Oakland secured the spot for dirtiest volunteer. Central Oakland organized the most volunteers: a whopping 47.

Photos of the event will be posted throughout the day here.

The Department of Public Works is working diligently this morning to haul the bagged litter to the dump.   

By the numbers:

  • 20 neighborhoods
  • 233+ volunteers
  • 640 contractors bags of litter  
  • 182 tires 
  • 29 TV's
  • 1 refrigerator 

Allentown: 56 bags
Beechview: 70 bags, 5 TV's, 1 refrigerator, 1 bike
Bloomfield: 12 bags, 3 tires, 1 fender
Brighton Heights: 28 bags
California-Kirkbride: 32 bags, 21 tires, 5 TV's
Carrick: 36 bags, 110 tires, 2 TV's
Central Oakland: 38 bags, 1 bean bag
East Liberty: 58 bags, 4 tires, 10 TV's, 5 shopping carts, 4 mattresses, 3 couches
Garfield: 51 bags. 22 tires, 1 TV, 1 pile metal scrap
Greenfield: 36 bags, 15 tires
Highland Park: 20 bags
Hill District: 49 bags
Lawrenceville: 39 bags, 5 tires, 1 mattress  
Morningside: 11 bags, 2 TV's
North Oakland: 21 bags, 2 tires
Perry Hilltop and Fineview: 54 bags, 5 tires, 2 TV's
Troy Hill: 5 bags, 1 stroller
South Side Slopes: 15 bags
Strip District: 29 bags

To organize your own clean-up event, let the Department of Public Works know by filling out a form here:

To express interest for next year's competition, email:

Lena Andrews, 412-607-1957
Alicia Carberry, 412-736-6570