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New Affordable Housing Planned for East Liberty

PITTSBURGH, PA (March 12, 2019) The Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh is announcing an upcoming Request for Proposals to build mixed-income housing on publicly-owned parking lots on South Beatty and Mignonotte streets in East Liberty. 

The URA board plans to announce the RFP at its meeting Thursday. The authority is seeking to acquire two surface parking lots currently owned by the City and the Public Parking Authority and convey them to a developer through the URA’s disposition process.  

The goal is to select a developer or development team who can complete a high-quality mixed-use, mixed-income development with an emphasis on affordability and the inclusion of a parking structure that will fully replace the existing public parking spaces.  

The URA has been working closely with Councilman Rev. Ricky Burgess and the newly formed Village Collaborative, a faith-based advocacy group focused on equitable and sustainable community development. 

The authority intends to release this RFP in early April. 

All parties interested in responding to this RFP or receiving notifications when the URA releases an opportunity must register with Public Purchase, a web-based e-Procurement service for the automatic notification and transmittal of RFPs. Instructions for the two-step registration process can be found online at:





Timothy McNulty
Communications Director
Mayor's Office