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Park Construction Moving Forward at Liberty Green in East Liberty

PITTSBURGH, PA (March 13, 2019) Construction contracts for a new park are set to be approved tomorrow for Liberty Green, adjacent to the $30 million Choice Neighborhoods mixed income housing development. 

The 3.25-acre park at the corner of Larimer Avenue and Station Street on the East Liberty/Larimer border will include a plaza area to support neighborhood programming, open lawn and play mounds, a large playground area, public art and significant green infrastructure.  

Green infrastructure within the project is expected to capture up to four million gallons of storm water annually. As stated in the Larimer Vision Plan, Larimer Consensus Group’s goal is to become the greenest neighborhood in the city, and the plans were subject to an extensive community planning process the URA conducted with neighborhood partners. 

The board of the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh is set to vote on construction contracts for the park at its meeting Thursday afternoon. 

The contracts include: 

  • $4.93 million for site preparation to Tedesco Excatating and Paving 
  • $365,000 for construction management and inspection services to Mackin Engineering Company 
  • $100,000 additional for services during construction to Wallace, Roberts and Todd LLC 

Funding sources for these contracts include: Larimer Neighborhood Funds, East Liberty Neighborhood Funds, Larimer Choice Neighborhood Funds, Federal Choice Neighborhood Funds, 2018 CDBG Funds, DCNR C2P2 Grant, RACP Grant, PADEP Growing Greener Grant, ALCOSAN Grow Grant, PWSA Grant, local foundation grants, and/or other sources. 


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Timothy McNulty
Communications Director
Mayor's Office