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City of Pittsburgh Releases Initial 2019 Street Paving List

PITTSBURGH, PA (April 17. 2019)  The City of Pittsburgh Department of Mobility and Infrastructure (DOMI) today announced the release of the first round of streets for asphalt pavement resurfacing for the 2019 paving season.  

The 2019 Capital Budget dedicated over $20 million to street rehabilitation with more than $15 million of that amount dedicated to asphalt resurfacing. The balance will rehabilitate numerous brick, blockstone and concrete streets; improve curb ramps for accessibility; replace and enhance pavement markings; and purchase pothole patching materials. 

The $20 million is the most budgeted for street upgrades in decades, and follows $17 million in paving spent in 2018, which itself was double the street improvements spent by previous administrations. 

DOMI’s street resurfacing homepage lists the first set of 2019 paving projects by Council District, by a full list in PDF form, and through an interactive citywide map. 

The streets announced today represent the first round of seasonal paving. Additional streets will be added when a new paving contract is awarded, which is expected in the coming weeks. 

The City is continuing to improve coordination between city paving work and public utility work in the streets, and additional streets will be paved this year through cost sharing cooperative agreements with the utility companies. This list will be released in the coming weeks.  

In order to best protect public assets and dollars, streets identified for scheduled utility work within the next two years were deferred from the 2019 list to enable utility work to proceed prior to street resurfacing. 



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Timothy McNulty
Communications Director
Mayor's Office