New Public Art Project at Uptown Park Includes Solar-Powered Charging Stations and WiFi

PITTSBURGH, PA (June 12, 2019)  The City of Pittsburgh is proud to present ProjectCONNECT, a Public Art project in Tustin Park, in the Uptown area. The art project is a collaboration between The Public Art + Civic Design Division (PA+CD) and the Strategic Planning Division of the Department of City Planning.

ProjectCONNECT is an artistic implementation by the Pittsburgh-based collective HackPGH (, MetaMesh Wireless & Communities (, and Daniel Klein. The project represents one of three Public Art interventions to be deployed in Uptown as part of the new Uptown Public Art Program. This program was developed in collaboration with the Uptown community as an implementation project of the adopted Uptown / West Oakland EcoInnovation District Plan.

The final product is an innovative and utilitarian public art project that includes two solar-powered charging stations, free WiFi for visitors to Tustin Park and residents of the surrounding area.

On February 2, 2018, a Request for Proposals was released to solicit artists, artist collectives, designers, and educational and arts institutions to create a public art project for Tustin Park. An advisory committee was created to help the City shortlist proposals; this committee included City staff, business owners and stakeholders of the area, residents, and two visual artists. The final selection was made by a City Committee that evaluated the projects under a scoring system that took into consideration the project's creativity, innovation, aesthetics, public value, and integration to the site, as well as other components from the EcoInnovation District Plan such as identity, connectivity, performance, and potential for equity.

For the last year, members of HackPGH and the Department of City Planning have held community and working groups to redefine the original ProjectCONNECT proposal and bring the project to completion. The stations, which will be illuminated at night, are cohesively joined by artistic elements including a colorful fence installation, informative signs, and an artistic marquee. The fence installation creates a gradient pixelated wall with multicolored charms that display etched phrases and drawings provided by neighbors of the park during meetings with the community. The different elements together strive to represent the history, equality, and united community voice of Uptown.

HackPGH, MetaMesh and Mr. Klein stated as a collective that, “as members of the Uptown and Tustin Street Community, we are optimistic about the future of our neighborhood. Our team of designers, artists, and makers have been enthusiastic participants in the EcoInnovation District planning and implementation process. We see ProjectCONNECT as an opportunity to further connect with our neighbors across socioeconomic differences in ways that will contribute to Uptown’s neighborhood identity.”

On Saturday, June 29th from 4:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. a block party will take place at the park at 2028 Tustin St, Pittsburgh, PA 15219. This party will embrace the community, celebrate Uptown neighbors, and the completion of the new public art installation.

For information about the Art or Artist contact:

Yesica Guerra

Public Art and Civic Design Manager

City of Pittsburgh

Department of City Planning

200 Ross St. 4th floor, Pittsburgh, PA 15219

[p] 412.255.8996


For information about the EcoInnovation Plan:

Derek Dauphin

Senior Planner

City of Pittsburgh

Department of City Planning

200 Ross St., 4th Floor Pittsburgh, PA 15219

[p] 412.255.4897