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City of Pittsburgh Receives State RACP Funding for Redevelopment Projects in Neighborhoods Citywide

PITTSBURGH, PA (August 1, 2019) Several City of Pittsburgh redevelopment projects received $4.5 million in state funding today to support ongoing work to revitalize Homewood, Elliott, Larimer and other city neighborhoods. 

The funding comes from the 2019 Revitalization Assistance Capital Program, or RACP, which provides financial support for the acquisition and construction of regional economic, cultural, civic, recreational, and historical improvement projects statewide. 

“I want to thank Governor Wolf and all our city House and Senate members for delivering this RACP funding, which will be used to transform city neighborhoods all over Pittsburgh. The City, the Urban Redevelopment Authority and the Housing Authority thank all their state and community partners for their commitments to these projects,” Mayor William Peduto said. 

The RACP grants awarded today to City revitalization projects include: 

  • $500,000 to preserve and stabilize the Homewood Coliseum 
  • $500,000 for the expansion of Stargell Field in Homewood 
  • $1 million for the renovation of Hunt Armory in Shadyside into a recreational facility 
  • $1 million for the redevelopment of the historic Larimer School 
  • $1 million for the rehabilitation of the historic Oliver Bath House indoor pool in the South Side 
  • $500,000 for the redevelopment of Stevens Elementary School in Elliott into a new headquarters for the Bureau of Police Special Deployment Division 



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Timothy McNulty
Communications Director
Mayor's Office