Public Safety Statement on El Paso, Dayton

Public Safety is deeply saddened by the senseless loss of life yesterday in El Paso, Texas and in nearby Dayton, Ohio. We are reminded yet again that the hatred that scarred Pittsburgh on Oct. 27, 2018 can strike anywhere and at any time. These events are, sadly, a part of modern American society and a part of modern police work.

As always, Public Safety will rely on our Intelligence Units and on our close cooperation with local, state and national law enforcement agencies to detect and deter any similar type of terrorist activity being planned here. While we cannot discuss the specifics of our preparations, Public Safety is constantly planning and training for any and all types of incidents, including mass casualty shooting events. As part of those efforts, and as a result of the recent shootings, we have begun a reevaluation of precautions and planning for mass gatherings in the City of Pittsburgh.

Of course, we cannot do it alone. As always: If you see something, say something. The most effective defense involves a partnership between law enforcement and the communities we serve.





Chris Togneri
Public Information Officer
Public Safety